back to article iPhone juices AT&T profits

AT&T today reported its earnings for both 2008's fourth quarter and the full year. Compared with 2007, there's good news and there's bad news - and the good news starred the iPhone. First the bad. Fourth-quarter net income was down 23.3 per cent year-on-year, with $2.4bn in 2008 compared with $3.1bn in 2007. Wired voice- …


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  1. Shusui


    I have a land line. I do not own a mobile.

    I'm retired.

    I don't need to shout over the muzak in the supermarket, "Shall I get some coffee? Have we run out? Where is it? What aisle?"


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    landline v mobile

    I have a landline purely to hang the broadband off - I do have a cordless phone plugged into it, but I'm not sure where the handset is and it's certainly not charged.

  3. Daniel B.


    Pretty handy to have one of those for emergencies. Emergency services can find you faster if you call from one of those! Plus, I have a pretty good long distance plan with that one, while my mobile long distance rates are still at rip-off rates.

    True enough, I'm mostly away from my apartment, so I use my mobile more than my landline.

  4. Player_16

    @Daniel B.

    i too have a landline for those same reasons. Telstra (Australia) changed their computer network at the same time I retired my Razer and hired an iPhone. They are doing their best at sucking the life out of my wallet and confusing themselves and me. They're the only game in town! I call the states about once a month at $5 a 1/2- hour on land and I never give out my mobile number to anyone that deals in finance. It's to the point if you really want to speak to me, talk to the house 'cause my phone ain't ringing!

    My house texts me!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @landline v mobile

    Me too, the land line is just for broadband. The fax machine is plugged into it, but I never use it for calls (except to the ISP when the broadband goes down). Instead I have VOIP on the broadband (small monthly access fee, and free calls to everywhere but Kazakhstan), which I use for all calls made from home. I have a prepaid mobile which I charge with the minimum credit every couple of months for calling and SMS when I'm out and about.

    If I could get equivalent broadband without the land line (for a price at or below what I currently pay), I would happily dump the land line.

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