back to article 2TB drives arrive down under

Unable to prevent stocked Australian suppliers releasing details, Western Digital has effectively pre-announced its record-breaking 2TB Caviar Green drive. A Czech website listed the drive before Christmas. WD's 2TB Caviar Green drive The WD20EADS is a 3.5-inch, 4-platter unit spinning at 7,200rpm with a 3Gbit/s SATA …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Low power?

    In other words, it has crap performance.

    /me waits for a better 2TB drive.

  2. Craig McAllister

    Available to order from uk shop

    Novatech have this available to order:


  3. Anonymous Coward

    Low power

    "The low power draw is obtained by parking the head when not in use"

    Wow, next they'll be telling me the new car I could buy has a little light that comes on when I open the door!

  4. blackworx

    @AC 10:32

    You might be surprised to hear this, but some of us actually prefer low power. It's the whole point of the WD Green line. The main benefit of these drives (to some at least) is significantly reduced noise. You performance-above-all-else nuts can keep your noisy, whiny components.

    @Reg: I thought it was a 5,400rpm drive, not 7,200? Or is that just the lower capacity models?

  5. twat

    Fast SATA

    The WD20EADS is a 3.5-inch, 4-platter unit spinning at 7,200rpm with a 3Gbit/s SATA interface and a 32MB cache.


    Try a 3 MB/s SATA interface

  6. Richard Cartledge

    Low power I like

    I like the low power, low noise and high capacity option for home use, especially in tele-visual applications. Variable speed platter also sounds ideal, no need for 7,200 rpm most of the time.

  7. Dr. Mouse


    "Try a 3 MB/s SATA interface"

    Erm, that would be SLOOOOOOOOW.

    It IS on a 3GBit/s SATA IF, aka SATA-II, delivering about 300MByte/s max interface bandwidth. Drive wont get this, but it'll be more than 3MB/s. Even a slow, cheap USB flash drive would be faster than that... even for writes!

  8. fishman

    I always wait

    Drives that come out at a new large capacity size come out with 4 or more platters. Eventually, the manufacturer comes out with a model at the same capacity but with 3 platters. The 3 platter versions seem to be more reliable than the 4+ platter versions.

  9. Chris Mellor


    The coming, well, expected, Seagate 2TB drive is based on its existing 2-platter 1TB drive with 500GB/platter areal density. There was a typo in the story which described it as a 500GB drive - that should have read 1TB - and now does :-(


  10. twat

    Sorry misread it

    3Gb/s is equivalent to 300 MB/s. I stand corrected.

    Mines the one made of sackcloth and covered in ashes

  11. hikaricore


    As long as the drive works properly and does die in under a year I don't care if it's low power or not.

    Since I know I can fit 1000 movies on a 1TB then the 2TB is well worth it as an upgrade for my media server.

  12. Andy Barber

    Working for BT...

    ... in 1981 fitting a phone in an office, I asked "what is that wurring noise I can hear?"

    The customer replied, "oh that's the Winchester in the Word Processor."

    "How big is it?" I asked.

    The customer puffed up his chest & said "10 Megabytes!"

    I said "what on earth do you need so much memory for?"

    Mines the one with a ZX81 programmers guide in the pocket.

  13. NukEvil

    From BOFH 2008 Episode 4:

    ""A REAL computer has ONE speed and the only powersaving it permits is when you pull the power leads out of the back!" I blurt. "In fact, a REAL computer would have a hole in the front to push trees into and an exhaust pipe out the back for the black smoke to come out of.""

    The flame icon, for obvious reasons...

  14. Paul


    I'm with Mr Hell up there. Speed and to a certain extent power, aren't really an issue for me. I just want a drive to work reliably and look after my data for somewhere in the region of five years. If it can do that, and its fast enough for standard def multimedia, then I'm probably happy enough.

  15. vincent himpe

    tsss. wrong pictures -AGAIN-

    Pictures show a 2 platter 4 head drive... At least get a picture of a 4 platter drive in there will ya. Same for the other article about these drives ...

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Caviar drives

    At one point I made a nice line of old Caviar drives I had lying around the office - something like 80mb, 120mb, 260mb, 500mb, 1gb, 2gb... Guess I'll have to do some more digging to complete the collection.

    The 2gb drives were probably pretty good ca. 1997... doesn't seem that long ago, somehow. But to my 6-month-old son, that 2tb drive will be what 8" floppies are to me.

    Presumably that means my grandson will think that fifty million terabyte hard drives are wretched relics from a crude era, and that 16 zettabyte memory sticks will be in Wal-Mart for twenty-five bucks.


  17. Justin


    "an exhaust pipe out the back for the black smoke to come out of."

    But if you let the smoke out it'll stop working!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Holy Smoking Buttplug Batman.

    Actually having read TOOL of the weeks comment about LOW power consumption making it a dud drive - well think in terms of it as EFFICIENT power consumption.

    By parking the heads off the drive when they are not needed to read or write - there is a HEAP of molecular surface drag - just been eliminated.

    I recently bought 3 x 750 Gig green drives and I am really IMPRESSED.

    Where I live - at night it is SO quiet - as in total silence - and with my open case system, I was really hard pressed to determine if the drives were actually spinning or not.

    I think high efficiency anything is always a good move.

    And with 2 Terrabyte of storage space, now I can finally stick a picture of my entire penis on the drive.

    Hows that!


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