back to article WTO backs US in Chinese piracy dispute

The World Trade Organization has said that China should change its copyright and anti-counterfeit laws to provide better legal protection to foreign products, based on trade complaints filed by the US government. A WTO panel of judges ruled today that China's intellectual property laws don't meet some of the obligations …


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  1. Pete Silver badge

    How about a democratic solution?

    Since democracy is supposed to be the best way forward - and worth sacrificing the lives (nearly typed "livers" there, ooops!) of thousands of people for, surely we should let the amercans and chinese vote on the situation: what could be fairer?

    On the one hand, we'd have 300 million americans and on the other 1200 million chinese - I think the outcome should be pretty clear. Isn't democracy a wonderful concept - especially when a small group of self-interested people can choose to only apply it when the results will be in their favour.

  2. Nicholas Ettel


    All thoughts, internal and external, visual and textual, being conceived and developed solely by my intellect are hereby copyrighted. Reproduction is a violation of the law.

  3. Son

    So What!!

    The WTO 'backed' Canada numerous times in the soft wood dispute and the US did exactly what they wanted anyway. So to me the WTO might as well be changed to UGWIW. (US Gets Whatever It Wants)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    "...can petition the WTO for retaliation against Chinese wares..."


    ... and China calls in its loans to the US...

    Has anyone noticed general wealth increases when people work hard and make things, rather than when they happen to own stuff. Its the difference between adding-value and mere profit-taking - wealth-creation vs wealth-reallocation.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Typo on the last sentence

    Shouldn't they be petitioning for retaliation against chinese warez instead ??

  6. EvilJason


    Everything is made in China or neatly everything isn't this just going to hurt the US and the rest of the WTO?

    The US better watch it's self cos how many of the trillions of debt does the US owe to China? The US places sanctions on China...China asks for its debt money back or asks the WTO to foreclose on the US as they have defaulted on an international debt and cant be trusted with banking with the WTO

    Interesting to watch


  7. Steve Roper


    "the US can petition for WTO retaliation against Chinese wares"

    A trade embargo, led by the US, against China? Hahahahaha... like that's ever going to happen! With the entire consumer economic and IT infrastructure of the west dependent on Chinese exports, I can just see the apocalyptic outcome of the US trying anything that stupid.

    Also agree with you Pete 100%. The west's definition of democracy is my way or the highway.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps they should send them a couple of letters

    then threaten to cut off China's internet connection...

  9. Phil
    Thumb Up

    re; So What!!

    Hear hear, Son, hear hear!

    Except that China probably has the political balls to do something.

  10. Grant

    Remember Antigua!!!

    Remember the US responce to WTO finding against US and for Antigua. Almost literaly, WTO finds that we don't like and the other side is not in a position to enforce don't apply to us.

  11. Edwin


    You know, I really want to agree with the 'merkins.

    I was in China a while ago and watched a Chinese government official slam Microsoft for crippling bootleg Windows installations. Boggles the mind if that's the official policy.

    But how can I agree with a country that arrests the interweb gambling folk from Antigua despite WTO finding against the US? A country that consistently listens only to statements that conform to its world view? (kind of like my kids).

    Maybe if the EU tackles China - then I'll agree.

  12. Rob Stiles

    They're everywhere...

    Chinese counterfeit stuff is everywhere - even on Amazon:

    It's very, very difficult for an average Joe to know what he's actually ordering. Something needs to be done.

  13. Britt Johnston

    hung up on democracy

    I think you'll find that the democrats have another definition of democracy. The EU has about 26 official ones.

    Not that democracy has anything to with the WTO, which has to thrives on mercenary consensus.

  14. SiliconSlick

    re: Antigua

    The Chinese government should take a lesson from Antigua and set up online gambling sites. Then when the US goes whining to the WTO about copyrights the US will have one less leg to stand on. It isn't like we aren't already sending them all our dollars anyway.

  15. Mark
    Thumb Down

    Same old, same old.

    The US, big proponents of getting GM food into Europe is considering banning Chinese GM rice because it could spread in the US, ruining the native options and be a health risk to their people.

  16. Bounty


    Nations are self serving duh! Democracy is a tool against chaos, not greed. We could all vote to re-enact slavery. Doesn't make it moral in my eyes. The US is for democracy to help fight chaos, not as a tool for the majority to oppress the minority. Trust me, we have a history of going against the majority, it's normal. You gotta fight for your right to party. It's basic for everyone (and entity) to look out for it's best interests.

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