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We reviewed Nokia's N78 back in the summer of 2008 and even in the quick turnover world of mobile phones it almost seems a little too soon to be looking at its successor. But here it is, looking leaner, fitter and offering some significant improvements – it's almost as if Nokia just couldn't wait to get it out there. Nokia N79 …


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  1. Scott
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    I've had an N70 for 3 years...

    ...and I think this is the phone I've been waiting for. No slidy/flippy nonsense, looks similar to use. Lovely.

  2. Robert Grant

    Speaking of screen resolutions...

    "It's a different kettle of pixels from the likes of the iPhone or HTC's widescreen touchscreens of course,"

    Even the (non-widescreen) Diamond I have has a 640x480 screen, and it's 2.5" across. *Much* sharper than the iPhone or even the Touch HD (which I think has larger dimensions per pixel as well as absolutely).

  3. Steve


    It also makes telephone calls too!!

  4. Steve Litchfield

    N80... er.....

    Not wishing to seem pedantic, but the N80 came out about 3 YEARS ago. Any successor to the N79 will need a new numbering system!

  5. John

    big gaps

    Nokia does seem to like putting a huge gap between the context-sensitive buttons and the screen, which is what tells you what those buttons actually do.

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  7. Test Man

    Model numbering

    Dave Oliver, the numbering system generally doesn't say anything about the capabilities of the phone, or what it succeeds. The Nokia N79 is more of a successor to (or replacement for) the N82, NOT the N78, so Nokia hasn't already replaced the N78 (which is still "current"). In other words, the N78 and N79 sit side-by-side, with slightly different specs, much like the N85 and N96.

    As someone's already pointed out, the N80 has already been out for years. As a result, any successor could have any number, not just the one along as your article seems to imply.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Hmm, could be the thing I'm looking for.

    I've been waiting for a phone to come out to replace my ageing (and sadly dying) Nokia 6230. This could be it.

  9. Anthony Shortland

    brick wall?

    Have nokia hit a bit of a brick wall with their development or is it to do with cost saving?

    Although numbered as an N78 replacement this looks like its kindof supposed to be an N82 replacement as well? yet the only difference appears to be its lost the N82 xenon flash and gained an FM transmitter. Pretty poor effort really.

  10. Joe Blogs

    Nice review....but...

    Page 1 talks about the Back Cover and contains a picture of the front (with keypad), Page 2 then goes on to talk about the keypad etc... but has a picture of the back cover. Come on Reggie, just a little bit of thought required here. If you are going to talk about the keypad, put in a picture so we can see what your talking about without having to navigate pages....


  11. Jerome


    "The trade-off is with internal memory."

    It is? They shaved 3mm off the height of the phone by leaving out 20Mb of the internal memory? Amazing.

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  13. alex dekker

    "keep your fingers crossed that the N80 won't get here too soon"?

    "It's well worth getting, but if you take the plunge now, keep your fingers crossed that the N80 won't get here too soon."

    Why? Would this phone suddenly stop working if its successor were to be released? I think Vista vs. XP thoroughly disproves this line of argument :-)

  14. Nicholas Wright
    Paris Hilton


    ... just get a second hand N95?

    Same resolution camera, has full GPS, can upload photos, can listen to music and radio.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Nicholas Wright

    Quote: "... just get a second hand N95? Same resolution camera, has full GPS, can upload photos, can listen to music and radio."

    Um you forgot: "is ugly as sin, is the size of a house brick, and weighs about the same"

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Nokia still exist?

    Wow, Nokia, how retro, thought thanished from the face of the earth. And this new phone looks like it's straight out of the 1990's. Interchangeable cases? Give me a break!

    Up next week, the Sinclair smartphone, complete with rubber keypad.

    Seriously though, I spoke to someone who got one of these a few weeks back and he says it's not a patch on his old N95. He's telling everyone that if you are offered the choice, go for the older model.

  17. James Raeburn

    Speedy or Not?

    But what is the speed of the OS like?? Not personally bought a Nokia since the piece of turd that was the N73 came out. That was shit slow and chronically unreliable, so is this any better? Need to know before I'm tempted back to Nokia.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Hello Reggie

    When will you become the first to reveal that Nokia is moving fast towards Linux as their main choice of platform.

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