back to article Samsung LE40A786 'smart LED' 40in LCD TV

When flatscreen TVs first arrived, they were expensive and had picture quality considerably inferior to traditional CRT screens. But they meant that large screens were a possibility without taking up acres of real estate in the living room. And although picture quality wasn't so good, the TVs looked great with the picture off. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Interesting that this technology has now made it to consumer-level

    "Brightside" has been making super-high-contrast-ratio displays for the professional market using similar segmented LED backlight technology (at a professional price) for some years now.

  2. John
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    the blue

    make it stop!

  3. Andrew Fenton

    Still far too expensive

    You can get a Panasonic 1080p plasma for that price, which is 56% bigger (50" model) and will produce a better picture.

  4. Adam C
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    The blue

    Looks awesome. It's subtle, not too OTT effects like that, that win me over...

  5. Ricky H
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    brightside tech finally licenced

    I went to see the dudes from Brightside in London EXACTLY 3 years 1 day ago, i'll never forget that day because the screen technology was THAT good. Finally we have something that most can afford. Brightside sold the tech to Dolby Labs, so this Samsung should be licenced to Dolby - otherwise there will be patent disputes and lawsuits!

    Plasma, get with the times Grandpa! 50" is TOO big for most, 40" is just right.

  6. Scott Mckenzie

    @Andrew Fenton

    You're clearly demonstrating a complete lack of something here, it's called your own observations... have you actually seen one of the LED TV's in action and compared it against the wonderful Panasonic Plasma you rave about?

    Plasma gives a great picture, in the right environment... but the LED backlit displays are capable of true black, i.e. 0.00, no Plasma can do that, not even the G9 Pioneer Kuro's... so it's a touch harsh to dismiss the quality of the picture of these straight off.

    Try factoring in the running cost of your Plasma too, you know the one with the 550w power supply... compared to the 230w of a comparable LCD (That's a Samsung 50" 559 Plasma vs the 656 LCD in the comparison)....

  7. Glenn
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    Better than a plasma - I've just switched

    I bought the 46" version of this TV 2 weeks ago, sold my crappy 50" Plasma that had image retention problems from day 1, was less than a year old, and let me tell you, LED LCD beats it hand down!

    Everybody who's been round my house since I got the TV remarks on how much better the picture is, and that's just standard upscalled cable on Virgin V+ box. Even my wifes friends who know pretty much nothing about technology are amazed at the picture.

    The blacks are so much better, it uses less power, pumps out less heat, and oh, I can leave this with a static image on screen or play a game for hours on end and it won't burn in. Plasma's are more trouble than they're worth - will never buy one again after viewing this set.

    Set it to SmartLED mode and 100Hz mode to low and sport becomes very watchable, then turn 100Hz off for 1080p/24hz movies then it trounces any Plasma I've watched for black levels and image detail (if you take the time to calibrate - AVForums has some great guides on this).

    If you can, sell you're Fred Flintstone Plasma and get one of these: no screen retention, plasma beating blacks (0 cmd blacks - what Plasma can get near?), no Plain-bow effect. Its win-win-win!

  8. Antidisestablishmentarianist

    @Scott McKenzie

    For someone who seems to know a lot, you know little about the power consumptions of plasmas.

    Pssst, I'll give you a clue. They don't run full tit (550w) all the time - power consumption varies with the amount of light in the image. Of course working out the AVERAGE power consumption is just toooo hard for anyone, so it's easier (but very misleading) to quote the MAX power consumption.

    The (now old) argument was that on average a plasma isn't that much more consumptive than an LCD (which is running at max all the time). However these new generation ones that turn their backlights off take the game back to LCD.

    Me, I'd have the top end Kuro ANY day of the week.

  9. Glenn

    Plasma beating blacks with no burn-in risks....its a no brainer!

    True, a Plasma may not run 550w all the time, but neither do the low voltage LED's on the back of the set, after all when the picture is mostly black thats because 0w is going to the LEDs in that section giving a true black, not the almost blacks on most Plasmas. What I do know is when ever I go near the new LED LCD the heat given out is a fraction of what the Plasma used to pump out. Probably due to its normal operational power usage of 240w, half of the 550w you mentioned.

    I'm not denying a Kuro is a good TV, I've watched films on my friends 1yr old 50" Kuro (what he has in his "cinema room" becuase he doesn't want to ruin his £1200 TV by watching Sky with all its pesky logos), but I know that the plain-bow effect is still visible on that TV, even at its lowest light levels it will still chomp on almost the full 240w the LEDs pump out on an all white screen, and the best bit is an actual measured everyday non-dynamic contrast ratio of at least 500,000:1 (measured by users on AVForums with correct diagnostic equipment) and ZERO chance of burn-in at those levels. Current Plasmas can come close without ghosting being a risk, their not only in the same league, its not even the same sport. My plams, even with pixel orbiting on, would burn a channel logo / sports score in if you watched the same thing for more than an hour - leaving a slightly blurry but still burned in image - never a risk anymore!

    Me, I'll watch my LED LCD over a Kuro and day of the week. Its just less fussy for normal TV watching and amazing for films, an amazing all-rounder.

  10. Alex
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    Im actually after one of these beauties in the 46" size...where did you get yours from and would you recommend it...

    Got to replace my 2 and half year old Samsung Plasma...proper workhorse!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    A mid range/hi-end HD graphics card and a 1080p monitor blows this it out of the water -with alot of change left over! Maybe not as big a screen but the picture quality completely makes up for that.

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