back to article Kanye West blames Gmail hijack for bisexual porn hoax

Kanye West says someone has taken control of his Twitter. Not to mention his Gmail and MySpace accounts. The rap star says that someone is using all three services to spread false reports, including one that claimed he was open to launching a new career as a bisexual porn star. "Now somebody has been hacking into my MySpace …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And the problem is?

    As long as this distracts him from his self proclamation of "being great" then thats fine by me!!

  2. M

    Skype Digger (Remix)

    They take my gmail - when I'm in need

    Yeah they're rifling through, myspace indeed

    Oh they are skype diggers - way over town

    That digs on me.....

  3. Pierre

    What's the bet?

    What's the bet he used the same password on all services, and it was his birth date?

  4. Jedi Name Germinator
    Paris Hilton

    The guy is a Turd-Fancier

    I'm glad they got him

    >Paris as she should be his I.T. security

  5. Wyrmhole

    Pics or it didn't happen

    The moron was so destroyed by all the haxoring that he posted a screenshot of it on his "blawg". :(

  6. J
    Paris Hilton


    Kanye West? Never heard of the guy (gal? went back to check article, says "he" and "him" and etc., so it's a he; until further developments). Who the fuck is Kanye West? Apparently he has an ego much greater than his notoriety. And no, I'm not even an old geezer listening to opera in 45 rpm vinyls.

    Happiness. How nice.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hmm, a familiar pattern emerges

    Step 1: Idiot falls in love with the sound of their own words and ideas

    Step 2: Idiot proceeds to spray this crap all over the Interwebs

    Step 3: Interwebs self-defence mechanisms kick into action and highlight idiocy

    Step 4: Idiot backtracks in a cloud of OH NOES, HAXXORS!!!1!

    Step 5: ???

    Step 6: Profit for record companies, downfall of humanity edges one step closer

    Step 7: Who the fuck is Kanye West?

  8. noodle heimer

    Aphasia, or general twistedness

    Did anyone else read "The ten-time Grammy" as "the ten-time Tranny" on their first pass, or is it just me?

  9. Daniel Palmer

    Rich but uses GMail?

    I would have thought any "celeb" would be investing in a some hosting for their shizzle. Apparently not.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    It can only be rival rapper 50 Cent, (or 36p as we call him over here), still bitter about losing the fake hiphop-off they had a few years ago!

    But then he deserves it - Twitter isn't very "street", is it?

  11. kain preacher

    Who the fuck is Kanye West

    Calling him arrogant is an understatement. Not sure there is a word for what he is in the English language. I knew he went off the deep end hen he said Obama should thank him. if ti was not for him Obama would not of been elected. He has also made statements that Bush hates black folks.

  12. Martin Silver badge
    IT Angle


    Me neither - according the to the interwebytube thingy he is a popular beat musician of some notoriety

    Although I don't see what this has to do with the delightful Ms. Hilton and so why it is within the remit of el' Reg?

  13. Tony

    Mail servers are down

    Oh when my mail servers are down

    I'm tellin you all my mail servers are down

    Oh when my mail servers are down

    I'm tellin you all my mail servers are down

    Man I promise, I don't like the penis

    I have no idea why they insist I'm so heinous

    All I said was 'don't know how I'll get by'

    And they took that to mean I wanna sleep with a guy

    Please I beg you won't you gimme a break

    You know all those messages posted were fake

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! Let me be great!

    Why is cyberspace filled with such hate?

    Man I'll admit that I was a bit curious

    But your insinuations are leavin' me furious

    I've had enough - I can't take no more

    Cos when I access my blog all I get's 404

    They even messed with my myspace account

    And put up a post sayin' I'm comin out.

    I really can't take it- the nightmare never ends

    Cos they've added all the village people on as my friends

    Oh when my mail servers are down

    I'm tellin you all my mail servers are down

    Man I promise, I don't like the penis

    I have no idea why they insist I'm so heinous

    All I said was 'don't know how I'll get by'

    And they took that to mean I wanna sleep with a guy


    Yes, I know it doesnt scan and some of the rhyming is decidedly ropey.. But then having just looked up one of KW's songs to parody the above actually seems an improvement. He actually rhymes 'insecure' on one line with 'secure' on the next. Genuis.

  14. This post has been deleted by its author

  15. Matt Mc

    Give That Haxor A Friggin Medal

    Couldn't have happened to a worse human being...

  16. Jonas Taylor
    Paris Hilton

    I don't get it

    Why the hell would a multi-millionaire being using a free email service like GMail? That strikes me as absurd. He'd be best using a paid for service, one that puts privacy and security first. Still, the cynic in me says it has got him loads of headlines.

  17. TeeCee Gold badge


    Actually no. According to the Interwebytube thingy he's a bisexual porn star which is, I believe, the nub of the issue here.

    I guess that now he's denied that, he's just another gobshite nobody

  18. Roger Heathcote

    @James Greenhalgh

    "(Am I doing it right?)"

    Erm, really no.

    Kanye's a posh kid and a supposedly devout Christian, you're just indulging in some light racist sterotyping (probably thinking of that idiot 50cent eh?) He's a terrible rapper but he used to be a half decent producer - decent enough to work with a few good ppl anyway (and some right dick holes too)

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't hack me, bro!

    Message ends.

  20. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    What made him think...

    ...that someone actually cares whether he's gay or not?

  21. Peter Page

    @J. Old geezers like me listen to opera in...

    ...33⅓ R.P.M. Older geezers: 78 R.P.M.

    But I had at least heard of Kanye West. It must be because I am a hip cat with my ear to the ground, daddio.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Same here.

    Ah well, having found out who he is, no great loss there.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    RE: Busted!

    It's all just a pathetic attempt to stir up more publicity. I have to ask: "Kanye no just feck off?"

    According to the link previously supplied by another AC, Kanye said: "There's no-one in rap history for talking more s*%t than me and 50. That's something I will stand on."

    1, OK, that doesn't make sense... so talking shit already.

    2, He can stand on whatever kind of shit he likes, that's of no bearing to the shit he records and which his record company punt onto the gullible. Maybe the shit he stands on inspires him in some way?

    3, Anyone would think that he would be pleased now that someone has appeared who is talking shit on his behalf. No-one in rap history has ever talked as much shit as him and 50p, remember? For starters, he'll get a break from having to be a complete arsefaced tosser all the time.

  24. daryl smith

    why be boring?

    Why not actually confound his haxor - critic / public and BECOME that bi-pron star?

    He would certainly strike a blow for open thinking and confuse the heck out of the people wot said it 'for him.'

    pity he doesn't have 'teh bawlz' to actually do it.

    I would respect him if he did, nevemind that I've never listened to his rapnifying

  25. Anonymous Coward

    Who the f*ck...

    Is Kanye West - and why should we shiv a git?

  26. Anonymous Coward


    ...If Mister Major Rapper and his pal 36 pee come over here, theyre gits, so should i shiv 'em, AC?


    Mines the one with the knife in the pocket

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