back to article Iron Maiden axe cut ribbon on 'rock’n’roll' hotel

Iron Maiden's management and nightclub owner Mark Fuller are poised to cut the ribbon on the £6.5m Sanctum Soho Hotel - a 30-room London sanctuary for rock stars boasting paparazzi-busting security operatives, receptionists clad entirely in black and minibars cunningly housed in speaker stacks. According to the Sunday Times, …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    Chucking televisions?

    Of course not, that's so mainstream celebrity (actors, supermodels and other such).

    This is a hotel for wrecking the bathroom by putting sticks of dynamite down the bog!

    The leather one with the dynamite in the pocket.

  2. Craig

    Are 'mere mortals' allowed to stay?

    'Cos even the £500 room doesn't seem that expensive really. Try staying in the Skyloft

    (a real celeb hotel) in Las Vegas for that amount of cash :)

  3. Dave Harris Silver badge
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    Paul Raymond dead?

    Missed that tidbit. Still, seems to me that this isn't the Iron Maiden hotel, so much as 'rock band invests in property'. Better then, given it's an existing building, than Bono's attempts to destroy Dublin's skyline

  4. Alasdair S

    minibars cunningly housed in speaker stacks

    ...and how many Bang & Olufsen sound systems are going to be trashed by guests franticly trying to open the mini-bar?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    24hr bar

    I'm sure the licencing laws down south don't cover this?

    But it really begs the question of do they actually wish to increase the chances of a TV being flung out the window? Or perhaps watching a reinactment of an infamous Taxi hijacking by a very drunk Ozzy and Bruce Dickinson?

    Either way... when can i check in?

  6. Ash

    No TV throwing?

    What about vehicular access to the roof pool?

    I wonder if it's really celebs only... I'd be interested in a night there if I went down to London for a particular gig.

  7. Eric Dennis
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    Nice to know that when my band tours the UK, there is a posh establishment that caters to the Rock N Rolla!!!!

  8. Luther Blissett

    Hotel California comes to England

    "So baaaaad you'll never want to leave."

    (c) 2009 Copyright Luther Blissett. The Author asserts his moral right to be identified as the author of this slogan.

    Now get with the moolah, guys. We all wanna party right.

    I take it you'll be thinking like some kinda franchise soon?

  9. Pete James

    Ah, but just how exclusive?

    I bet the concierge will be a busy man. Will he be offering the to help spend the 'flowers' expenses?

    And will the rooms come with a handy little mirror, or small shallow frying pans for impromptu, er, cooking? (ahem)

    Not to mention the choice of scales..........

  10. Mark

    The tarif

    For throwing TV's out the window, and driving my car into the pool?

  11. Thomas Jerome

    This comment goes up to 11.

    That whole television out of the window thing finally died a quiet death when one of those cast iron bellringers from Busted did it.

    Mine's the one with the metal studs and Casualties patch sewn into the right sleeve.

  12. Justin Stringfellow
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    run to the tills

    £150 for a basic room?

    I'm Losfer Words.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chucking at the wall not the window

    I worked in an office next door at no.22 Warwick Street. The (understandable) continual vibrations from construction were both an iritation and sometimes quite stimulating(!)

    We did come into work one day to find a large crack/hole in the wall. I had presumed this was from construction work (as did the builders who came and apologised and repaired it, but perhaps it was Dickinson hurling a TV after all?

    BTW if the flouncing loud-mouthed cock who marches around outside "The Club" on the ground floor at no.22 is reading this - nobody's impressed by your shouting you tatty-jeaned/smart-jacketed twat.

  14. Nic Brough
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    @AC Monday 16:19

    >I worked in an office next door at no.22 Warwick Street

    I'm really glad you weren't at 22 Acacia Avenue...

  15. Anton Channing

    Room of the Beast.

    There should have been a 'Room of the Beast' for £666 per night...

    ...located in the lowest basement obviously! (Flames for obvious reasons)

  16. Gilbert Wham

    For London

    150 notes for a room isn't that bad...

  17. Rich

    Back in the day

    When IT was fun, I used to stay in the Paramount in New York on my regular trips. It was great, Comme des Garcons clad hotel staff, amazing totty, cocaine fueled drug binges (for others, allegedly).

    Made up for spending my day trying to sort out HDLC datalink interfaces at JP Morgan.

    (Tried staying in the Royalton once. Real log fires in the rooms. Too snotty though, and accounts banned us from staying there after they got the USD350/night bill. The Paramount came in cheaper than shiteholes like the Marriott, so that was fine with the beancounters).

  18. Arnold Layne

    Rock and Roll - you sure?

    guests will enjoy "... REN Skincare bathroom amenities... bathrobes and slippers"

    Sounds more lke it's aimed at manufactured boybands than rockers. Keith Moon must be spinning in his grave.

  19. Andy Watt
    Paris Hilton

    Not what it used to be

    These modern flat panels are a pain in the arse. Not only are they a bastard to get off the wall (where's the screwdriver? No, I can't lever it off with a cricket bat... $%^&!) but they're so light most safety glazing just bounces the thing back in the room. If you're drunk enough you can't tell which is the window and which is the TV anyway, especially with the screensaver on.

    I've stayed in the Mondrian in LA, that's an all-white hotel (arf arf) - so could this new one be the antimatter version of there?

    Paris, cos she popped in while I was drinking champagne by the pool

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