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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    30 second to boot

    And not even Vista... what is wrong with it? Something that small should be like a ... well... palm nearly instant on. Wonder what will happen when the firmware OS / Vista combo is repackaged with something slim... U-boot to Linux?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Why does it even need Windows?

    If they ditched Windows on the thing then I might consider buying one.

  3. Shane McCarrick
    Thumb Down

    Solution for a problem which never existed

    First impressions are along the lines of- my god- I've never before seen such a fingerprint magnet- its only out of the case 5 minutes and it looks like a 6 month old kid has been chewing on it.

    On opening it- the keyboard is wonderful- the individual keys are punched through the chasis, and have lovely feedback.

    The widescreen aspect is pretty useless- as pointed out in the video- its simply not useful.

    Performance wise- I prefer the Samsung NC10, not least because of its battery life- but it just seems to tick the boxes in a way the Sony doesn't.

    It looks like someone in Sony decided they had to differentiate their offering from that of rivals and set out to solve a problem that never existed in the first place. If you had to pick out a feature that sells this product- its the lovely keyboard- but its not a sufficient reason to shell out for this piece of eye candy.......

  4. Christian Berger

    Making it a notebook

    Hmm, if you'd get off that Windows Vista and install Linux instead, you have a fairly powerful notebook on which you can do serious work on. But with Vista you even need to hack open the box to get a browser by installing additional software packages like Firefox.

  5. Adam C

    I like it a lot....

    But not £800 worth of lot! If I had the cash I'd buy one though. Definitely! Is the Sony startup thing stored on a different partition I take it? And Linux-based or wha?

    Also, what's the possibility of installing XP.

    All in all, looks very swank, although I'm astounded it doesn't have HSDPA out of the box, or similar. Thumbs up from me!

  6. moylan


    i thought the definition of net book was small cheap computer?

    small? yes

    cheap? no

    computer? it is sony but i'll allow it. hated my sony laptop with a passion.

    vista? ouch!

    and a propietry port? wtf are they smoking these days? can't they just make usb peripherals?

    so they expect to sell only a few of these?

  7. CKM

    What about written reviews?

    I know you all like these video reviews because the are easy to do, but I much rather read a written review, even if it's just a bunch of photos with captions....

  8. Anonymous Coward

    An idea for Sony

    Take out the SSD and put in HDD, the BOM price will go down and you can sell this nice machine for $500-$600 with some profits to Sony..

    Will the ever learn something over there at Sony??

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Sorry to be pedantic but 1600x768 is not 16:9 ratio. More like 18.75:9.

    If you're watching a normal 16:9 widescreen video on this device you'll have around a 117 pixel black border at either side.


  10. Heff
    Paris Hilton

    Ive seen this before

    Psion makes them, right? Very small, little keyboard, little screen, the musthave executive gadget for everyone who doesnt have space to carry a real laptop.

    ...wheres the stylus?

    Paris, for help with Stylus.

  11. Craig Collier


    i want one

  12. Thomas Guymer
    Thumb Up

    Good Video

    I'm liking the new little videos - keep it up!

  13. Anonymous Coward

    And the point is?

    What's with the Sony boot interface if it takes 30s to get going? Might as well boot into Windows, which on my eee takes about 30s - or quicker from hibernate/standby.

    And £800. No wonder they don't call it a netbook. Sony - a company clearly prepared for a global economic downturn! Let me coin a new one: vaiotards.

  14. Jaques Croissant
    Paris Hilton

    Couldn't you try writing informative articles?

    These terrible-quality videos aren't as thrilling as all that- I don't really come to the reg for half-arsed youtube-age. KTHXBAI.

  15. amanfromMars Silver badge

    There is a House in New Orleans they call .....

    QuITe Perfect for AI Sony San PXSSXXXX Stations ....... Global Communications ICQ HQs. ITWork, Rest and Play at the Quantum Singularity ..... Binary Meld.

    Vaio ...... Virtual Advanced IntelAIgents Operations. MkUltra Sensitised XXXXtraOrdinary Communications.

    Hi. Rock and Rollers Hailing Japan and JSEA via an UnOrthodox Route/Virgin Root/Virtual Reality.

  16. Dick Emery
    Thumb Down


    Sexy looking at over £800? As bad as Mac idiots if you buy one.

  17. amanfromMars Silver badge

    JASon and the ARGonauts* ..... AI Future Perfect SQL

    "and a propietry port? wtf are they smoking these days? can't they just make usb peripherals?" .... By moylan Posted Saturday 24th January 2009 20:51 GMT


    A proprietary port ensures that proprietary information/intelligence/future memory can also be delivered/stored/sent from/to/across Networks InterNetworking JA [Javan Applications] to Team Sony Nippon San Players....... Virtually IntelAIgent Pioneers.

    * Alternate Reality Gamers ...... CyberIntelAIgent Beings.

    A Practically Aware Virtualised Concept with Real Physical Implications which I would inform One and All, is beyond the Ken of the Home Office/Foreign and Commonwealth Office/HMG because their Intelligence does not stretch beyond AIRevealing Ignorance and Arrogant Silence/Inelegant Disengagement , ..... which, of course is so typical of the Fullsome Novice in a Practising Fraud/Collapsing House of Cards built on Quicksands.

    Fortunately though, the Chicksands Hive MODification XXXXtraOrdinarily Renders such Blatant Abuse and Cynical MisUse somewhat Self Incriminatory thus to XPose the Fools' Follies Phormed.

    And with that Nugget of Information Shared, it will be more than just a little bit Interesting to Witness the Contortions of the Politically Inept and Bereft ,should they even Dare 42 Care and Act at All, for they have conclusively proved their actions, in the proxy actions of others whom they expect to control and lead, to be ill-conceived.

    Sloth and/or any Apathetic Inaction/Pathetic Reaction , of course, always Allows the Game to Proceed Sweeping All away before IT, for an Assault on and a Sacking of the Citadel/Virtual Rape and Pillage of a Broken Capitalist Society System.

    They will now be written out of the Leadership Game, as being Proven Unfit for Future Virtual Purpose, as will all others who would Abuse the Great Game and Support such Shallow Follies....... which may be Foreign NeoConservative Zionist Infiltrations ..... which in this Particular and Peculiar Case may be Vole/Mole Infestation under a Less than Prudent Blind Eye, Darling.


    And where's the IT Angle, El Reg? Well, there are many, are there not? With some able to Use IT with Immunity and Impunity and other able to Report on ITs Use with Immunity and Impunity, for the Truth Disinfects All and removes the Parasite from its Succouring and Suckered Host ...... and a Touch of Military AId Discipline never does anyone Harm, who doesn't Thoroughly Deserve ITs Special Phorm of Intervention/Special Forces Attention.

    And what did you do in the Gladio Wars, Daddy? Mum's the Word....."In silence I preserve freedom".

  18. Simon Buttress
    Thumb Down

    Prices start from £850

    Faaack off!!!

  19. s

    Not a netbook

    I thought that it stated that Sony does not call this a netbook...

    I have to say that I agree with Adam C on this one. If I had the cash I'd thing about buying it. The screen and keyboard make this machine for me - the lack of screen real estate is the biggest issue for the netbook for me (still got one and it's still very useful as a ulta portable machine).

    Of course the better quality the screen the higher the price (you can get a 17" laptop with a 1440*900 screen for 700 euros, but if you want one with a decent screen in terms of res and view angle you pay a couple of K over that).

    At 800 though is it a suitable proposition for the train - I brought the eee 1000 as it was useful to use on the way to and from work - if it's stolen on the train, gutted as I will be, it was still only 400 euros. 800 pounds is a lot more to swallow if that happens...

    (And where is the horizontal thumb for those of us who can't decide if they'd buy it or not :) )

  20. Patrick
    Thumb Down


    I have the Sony Picturebook and its still going strong its only P2 400mhz and 64mb ram LOL

    Its running windows XP Home

    I think Sony should have used a "REAL" cpu for that price.

    The centrino branded cpu.wifi setup would have done this nice and you would have been able to use the cpu power for stuff like websurfing. I have found the atom to be very lacking on that side of things.

    What really gets me is I had the toshiba nb100 and that took an age to load stuff like a ebay searchers with all the images etc. but would play the Quake 3 demo quite fast. odd?

    I do not want to play many games if any but I do want to be able to surf the web without the pages taking an age to load if its bigger than one screen down.

  21. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    Fair cop, guv. It's not 16:9. Blame the chilly wind rushing through the open-to-the-elements St Pancras International rail station.

    Normal service has been resumed, etc, etc...

  22. Monkey


    It ISN'T a netbook. Sony have made it quite clear it isn't a netbook, and it is a premium product 'lifestyle laptop'. Granted it's a load of bollocks calling it that, but in fairness to them in relation to your criticism they have gone out their way to emphasise it isn't an SCC netbook.

    Which isn't me necessarily justifying that huge price tag let me just make that clear!

  23. Jamie Kitson
    Thumb Down

    Re: Good Video

    > I'm liking the new little videos - keep it up!

    I'm not, I can't really watch them at work :(

  24. Andrew Garrard

    At last, a useful subnotebook

    As people keep saying, this isn't a netbook (Psion or no). It's a subnotebook. This has been the asking price for subnotebooks for a long time, and that fact that there's a recent and welcome fad for producing cheaper subnotebooks with low-end components and calling them netbooks doesn't mean that this one is suddenly over-priced, even if it's surprising to those attracted to the netbook market.

    It's got a unique selling point. Apart from being smaller than most netbooks, it's actually got a usefully-sized screen. Yes, it's the wrong aspect ratio for playing most video content (unless you get a 2.35:1 cinema release) - although at least 1280x720 fits on the display, unlike most netbooks - but some of us want to use their laptops for doing work, not playing videos. Multiple adjacent web pages and multiple emacs windows visible would make this very appealing to me (for the same reasons as I have a 2133 Mini-Note, only more so). If, admittedly, I could afford it. I'd make it dual-boot into Linux as soon as I could, though.

    That said, I've heard conflicting reports about how fast the processor is, including from some sites that have benchmarked it. Definitely 1.6GHz? (For Linux I don't much mind, but it's nice to know.)

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