back to article TJX closes book on infamous security breach with sale

TJX, the discount retailer that was the target of one of the largest information security breaches on record, rewarded customers with a a special sale offering 15 per cent discounts in all its US and Canadian stores on Thursday. The one-day "Customer Appreciation" sale was billed as the firm's way of expressing its …


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  1. Peter
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    Just a bit too late...

    Sadly, TJX did manage to announce their 'customer appreciation' sale just a bit too late for any customers to really appreciate it. Just a typical corporate 'feel good' move that won't cost 'em any money.

    "Hey, let's hold a sale and not tell anyone!"

  2. Nick L

    TJX Special Offer

    Customer account details, $5 per 100,000

  3. Kanhef
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    Would have been nice

    To know about this *before* the sale happened.

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