back to article Intel chairman Craig Barrett retires

Intel had announced that its chairman, Craig Barrett, will retire at the company's annual stockholders' meeting this May. No reason was given for the retirement. The Reg has contacted Intel for clarification, but has not immediately received a response. We'll update you when we do. Barrett's announcement comes just two days …


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  1. Christopher Ahrens
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    Maybe hes cutting his own job to save money? I think his salary would pay for at least a dozen more employees. I ma sure he has plenty of money saved for retirement. I just wish that more suits follow suit.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Poor spin control

    saying he was taking voluntary redundancy (although maybe staying quiet about the associated big pile o'wonga) would at least have the appearance of a solid determination to cut costs throughout the business.

  3. Charles Manning

    Old codger retires

    He's 69. It's not as if he's got many opportunities ahead of him to make career highlights. If it looks like a shitty year or two coming up then might as well pull out of corporate America and go enjoy life. Why work through a shitty time just to retire at the end?

    If I had my yacht mooring and lifetime country club membership paid up, I'd quit to (and I'm not 50 yet) .

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    How many regular employees do you think would have been carried this long?

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