back to article Oprah slow to Kindle - fans left out in cold

Oprah fans who bought into the electronic book revolution for Christmas have been disappointed to find that less than half of Winfrey's recommended books have gone electronic, and the chat show goddess hasn't even put her own magazine O onto an e-ink screen. The most influential woman in America (and, quite possibly, the world …


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  1. Thomas Jolliffe

    Most influential woman in the world?

    So...what CNN (and a variety of other American publications) says is fact in the eyes of El Reg? Give me a break!

    Angela Merkel, Condoleeza Rice (until recently at least), Hillary...female politicians are infinitely more influential than Oprah. Sure, they won't tell you what book to read this week, but if you need that kind of instruction then it probably won't matter what drivel she gets you buying.

  2. Phil


    I'm not so sure about that.... It hasn't come up yet but I'll bet that if Oprah told her sheeple who to vote for, a lot of them would take her advice...

  3. Edwin

    Not entirely Oprah's fault

    Presumably, it's the publishers and the copyright holders who decide what format is used, not Oprah or Amazon.

    I know Rowling won't publish any of her books in electronic format for fear of piracy, and many other books (particularly series, which are at their best in electronic format) are also not available, such as Patrick O'Brien and C.S. Lewis

    It's mostly stupid anyway, since almost every popular book can be downloaded online, and many jurisdictions make it legal to have a copy of something you have a license for, so all the bootleg ebook editions of Potter and Aubrey on my Sony eReader are perfectly legit since I have the dead tree editions.

    Shame I have to have so many dead trees in my house though.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    story of O

    wasn't that some famous S&M book?

  5. Martin Lyne


    What is a Plucker?

    Oprah died a long time ago, she's just a hologram run by the US Networks now. Like Sean Pertwee in Equilibrium

    100% TRUE FACT.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ jeremy

    That is correct. And pretty good read at that.

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