back to article Intel axes five plants, 5,000 workers

Intel plans to close chip assembly plants in Malaysia and the Philippines and end US wafer fab operations in Oregon and California as part of a restructuring plan that will affect as many as 6,000 employees worldwide. Today, the chip giant announced that it will "consolidate and streamline some older capacity" without …


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  1. James Woods

    electronics are still made over here?

    Heres something i'd like to see. For the percentage that these companies slash their workforce they should also be forced to slash their inventory. If they slash 25% of the workforce then they should be required to slash 25% of their sales as well. It's not fair for them to continue to screw the american working man, you know they will just outsource these jobs to india or whatever.

    I got news for you intel, screw the american working man, the american working man ain't gonna buy your chips.

    Maybe intel and amd can get a bailout from the tarp program.

  2. Ferry Boat

    Living in a box

    Anyone know if there is anything likely to happen to the plant in Leixlip?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Anytime someone loses a job so that the company can protect their million dollar executive wages is reason enough to be sad. Reminds me of that M&S tit who sacked hundreds of people while keeping his stupid wage.

    Do. Fuck. Off. Intel.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The company has plants in New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, Israel and Ireland - work out which can produce a p45 cheapest to give to the guy in the most expensive....

  5. rfrovarp

    Wow people

    Why should they slash sales? You do realize that efficiency is part of life? Every company is doing more with less. This, however, frees up workers to do other tasks. It's required for growth. Things are rough right now, so finding a different job may be a very tough task for these individuals. However, if Intel did not lay off people, they may end up like Circuit City and laying EVERYONE off.

  6. Gordon Crawford

    success =

    success equals the knowledge to move on before the job moves out. That does not bother me..

    But the million dollar salaries the top gets off of our backs , that's a disgrace . AT least Bill Gates started his own business to get rich. [then did questionable business practices ]. Shame on public corporation heads who think the SHAREHOLDERS companies is theirs..

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