back to article Google flaunts Meltdown-proofiness

After another spin of that big dial on its top-secret money machine, Google hit $5.7bn in revenues during the fourth quarter, an 18 per cent increase from a year ago. As advertised, Mountain View is Meltdown-proof. Profits were down significantly, dropping 68 per cent to $382 million. But if you exclude $1.09bn in impairment …


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  1. Aaron Holesgrove
    Black Helicopters


    How can you summerise what this company does any further than that. They are criminals. I can't believe that Google are reading everyone's emails in GMail, storing credit card numbers in their databases in Google Checkout and fetching the remainder of everyone's Adwords budgets at their leisure, amoungst other things, and all everyone does is whinge about Microsoft. These guys have gone too far. Waaaaaaaay too far.

  2. Pierre

    Cade, your bias is showing

    Some parts of the article are good, but some others are just hand-waving. Most notably:

    "More ads means more clicks" -do you have any data to back that up, or is it just a wild guess?

    "You don't improve quality by spewing 57 per cent more ads onto your pages." -it might be a challenge, but do you have any data that would prove they failed?

    Other than that, good piece.

  3. Pierre


    Aaron Holesgrove, you are Steve Ballmer, and I claim my 10 bucks.

  4. jake Silver badge

    A more balanced report ... ..

    And yes, before you ask, IT is a sport in SillyConValley :-)

    (it was probably a mistake, try & follow the link(s))

    In other news, Netapp number one to work for, Google slips to number 4 ...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Turning up the dial

    You forgot to mention that Google's also made big u-turns on a couple of big moneyspinning sectors - gambling and alcohol. In the UK at least, ads for gaming are now (formally) fine, and they've relaxed their alcohol rules not once but twice in the last 6 months. So yes, they have been turning up the dial rather massively.

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