back to article Sony talks up PS3 update

Just 24 hours after announcing the impending launch of firmware version 5.03 for the PlayStation Portable, Sony has released a sneak preview of another firmware update for the PS3. Sony staffer Eric Lempel said, again in a post on the official PlayStation blog, that the PS3’s update – to be called version 2.60 – is primarily …


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  1. Richard

    It's already up.

    It was up before this was posted...

  2. Ian Womack
    Thumb Up

    Already released

    I switched on my PS3 last night (21st Jan) for a session on COD5 but was greeted by a software update message....With my rather poor 512 connection, that certainly put an end to my fun.

    On the positive side of things, the update was 2.60 which is was very surprised to see so soon. The Album software download is seperate from the system update so haven't had chance to play with that yet.

    Moral of the story: Get someone at home to run the update now, before you get home.

  3. DRendar

    MKV? SMB? Region Free?

    When they hell are these simple, blindingly obvious flaws / omissions going to be rectified?

    I ain't buying one till it's sorted :-(

This topic is closed for new posts.

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