back to article Nokia talks up Securitas GPS app

Nokia has beefed up phone security by partnering with Securitas to design an application that’ll act like a personal bodyguard for mobile owners. Called Safe-2-Go, the app’s designed to provide support to anyone in an “exposed situation”, and to offer increased security through information about the location of loved ones. …


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  1. Ash

    Securitas' Alarm Central

    Gives you details of who's connecting to you via Bluetooth? "Yes, Sir, we have a lock. He's DEFINATELY in the same building as you. No, we can't tell you which floor. He probably has a mobile phone in his hand, though... Might look scruffy... You know, like a crook."

    I can see the other feature being VERY useful; The 21st century Googling of your own name... "Yes Sir, there is one person attempting to locate you via GPS. You."

  2. John

    Great but...

    the GPS on the Nokia N95 8GB (may have improved in more recent handsets?) is shockingly poor at locking on to a GPS signal, and hammers the battery, so the "Find" feature won't locate little Timmy until it's too late, and the "Zone" feature will text you after 30 seconds because it has lost the signal from Timmy's mobile, either because the battery has died or he's gone into a building (like the school) or maybe just because a wisp of cloud has passed overhead.

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