back to article Cisco virtualization-server challenge to HP and IBM?

Cisco Systems, the reigning monarch of networking equipment, is preparing to challenge long-time compatriots Hewlett-Packard Co and IBM in a market that those two companies dominate: servers. According to a report in Monday's The New York Times by Reg alumnus Ashlee Vance, Cisco's purported server line's selling point will be …


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  1. John Earnhardt

    Cisco on "unifed computing"

    Our CTO, Padmasree Warrior, wrote a blog piece today on "unified computing" which states, in part: "Lately, there has been a lot of speculation by the technorati that “something is going on over at Cisco!” I am sure you have all read the blogs and reports in traditional media asserting that Cisco is going to enter new markets, compete for new business, and build new products. The answer? Yes, Yes and Yes, of course!"

    See full blog post here:

  2. Steve


    Could this be a little too much?

    I was aware that Cisco are doing a vSwitch within ESX 4.0 - is this what they are talking about? And possibly using the same tech in a blade?

    Would this really be too much for HP/IBM to bare?

  3. Paul Murphy

    What else might come out of this?

    Servers with switches/ routers/ firewalls built-in? would make a sort of sense, especially for small businesses, and useful if the server could manage the switch/ router directly.

    Blades with the ability to take modules for ISDN, Fiber or whatever.. hmm, maybe useful, but would be more of a gimmick.

    Hopefully should shake IBM/ HP etc. up a little.

    Should mean interesting times.


  4. Anonymous Coward


    We already have OpenStorage within OpenSolaris.

    If you look at the project around Networking (Crossbow, Integrated Load Balancer Project, Virtual Router etc.), OpenNetwork coming is just to obvious...

    Concerning Cisco building server, maybe they should stick together with Sun...

  5. Andy Billington

    @Paul Murphy

    servers with switches etc built in - as a matter of interest, how many ports would you want to have?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Servers with switches built in?

    Well, 2 for data/network traffic and 2 for storage connectivity. Perhaps 2 more for clustered solution sets like Oracle RAC.

    So basically, what I can get today in rack-dense server configurations from Dell and HP.

    Blade Chassis with switches built in?

    We have that today. Dell has Cisco or PowerConnect. HP has ProCurve. IBM has Cisco or Nortel. Unless I'm missing something, nothing new here.

  7. Andy Billington


    not at that density no - that was what i was wondering about.

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