back to article Yes! It's the wristband battery!

Having enough power at your fingertips to charge a flat iPhone is one thing. But how about having enough power at your... er... wrist? WBPB_01 The Wrist Band Portable Battery As its name suggests, the Wrist Band Portable Battery (WBPB) is a battery pack that’s worn like a watch yet designed to juice up your flatlined phone …


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  1. M



  2. Alastair
    Thumb Up


    ..that came as two halves of a strap that I could swap my current watch-strap for, id buy one right now.

    almost chuffin genius

  3. David Rowlett


    Lets hope they don't suffer any ill-fated Lithium-Ion explosions like laptops etc !

  4. Alex

    Yeah but...

    ... why not just put a watch on it eh?? Talk about missed opportunities.

  5. Adam
    Paris Hilton


    If you can't keep your phone charged then what makes the manufacturer think the users would keep this charged?

    Paris because she probably gets someone else to charge her phone to prevent the needs for such fasion disasters.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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