back to article OGC cracks one off on with new logo

Fears that the UK's Office of Government Commerce (OGC) - the Treasury department "responsible for improving value for money by driving up standards and capability in procurement" - had bottled out of deploying its sensational new logo have proved unfounded. According to an inside source, the OGC is "rolling the new brand in …


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  1. Mark

    I guess

    They are happy to be labeled as a bunch of wa****s....

    Government department in truth shocker!!!!

    Mines the slightly stained one that everybody else is refusing to touch.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Fiscal Fun

    We have to ask ourselves that in the current financial climate, how much did this stunning work of turning three linked circles with OGC in them, into a grey "joined up" writing of OGC really cost the government ... and therefore us Brit taxpayers?

    Bonus points to the first person who gets a response from HM Government's horrendously overloaded Freedom of Information team

  3. David Hicks

    At least they have a sense of humour!

    On the other hand, the new logo cost how much?

    And any government department really dedicated to getting taxpayers value for money would immediately disband itself...

  4. Ben Mathews

    Love it!

    Between this and the Lisa Simpson blow job London Olympics logo, the govenment branding people are really excelling themselves.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Filthy logo of a man playing with himself. Excellent efford!

  6. Francis Fish

    And the what's new page as minor rendering errors in FF

    No excuse. Saving money by sending our cash to MS. Sigh.

  7. dervheid
    Thumb Up

    Only confirming...

    what we all already knew about the OGC!

    Now we CAN genuinely call them a bunch of tossers!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Be thankful the department isn't called Office of Commerce and Enterprise

    OCE (in their new design) would look a bit flaccid

    *Paris - strangley works for me

  9. Richard Jukes

    And how much?

    And just how much did this design feat cost? If its anything more than a fiver, then its yet another story of a company taking the government for a ride and the government enjoying it.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The real con artists

    Anyone labouring under the illusion that the Boys from Lagos were the biggest con-artists on the planet should take a closer look at branding experts and logo designers. Never has so much pure shit been talked in the service of making a fast buck.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To be fair...'s not just a fault with the logo. If you look at the headline at the right (wrong?) angle, you get the same effect.

  12. pctechxp

    And where has....

    The money come for this, Mr Brown?

  13. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Same Phormula

    The clue is in the title.

    It's a logo FFS.

    And that affects us exactly how? Does the product change? Is it less expensive? Is it any better?

    All we have added to our knowledge is that the company wants to shell out on a new image.

    Sell to me, don't market at me.

  14. David Harrison

    On the money

    Why the mockery? The new logo is bland, built from identikit members, unmemorable, grey and oversized. What more could you do to capture the spirit of Big Gov-er?

  15. James Woods

    But was it good value?

    As the OGC are responsible for getting value out of government spending, would it be possible to know how much the re-branding cost the tax payer? Was this good value? Was it needed? I was quite happy with the old one!

  16. Tony

    OGC - OMG

    I took a quick look at their new web site - my immediate reaction to the main picture shown was that they are extending the middle finger to everyone going to the site.


  17. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    what the f*ck?

    It's a government department, why does it need to re-brand? it's not like there are other government departments doing the same function so you have to pick which one has the sexiest logo. It could be in times new roman 16 point for all that anyone gives a f*ck about.

    WASTE OF MONEY! good job that financially we're not in a recession or something.

    Paris because she knows how to dispose of a big wad.

  18. Yorkshirepudding

    wait a minute...

    someones been watching the O.C. i think...

    mines the one with the T4 Presenter repellent

  19. Pete
    Paris Hilton

    That is surely...

    a brand spanking new logo...

    Paris for the most obvious reasons...

  20. Secretgeek

    It's quite sad but..

    ...I really have been waiting for this.


  21. michael


    they know what it looks like and they still going ahead with it

    the bunch of .... logos

  22. Hairy

    Does anyone

    know anyone who works there? I'd pay a tenner for an OGC mousemat/mug combo!

  23. Ryan


    all i can say is owned

  24. Joseph Hill

    Re: Does anyone

    'Hairy' - as it so happens, I *do* have an OGC mousemat ....! No mug though :-( I sold one on ebay a wee while ago:

    I have another - drop me a message through eBay if you're interested.

  25. Christopher Woods


    It looks like inspiration for this was derived from a mixture of the UGG shoe company logo and a couple of other high street brand names... Nice.

    Can someone tell me where I apply to become a designer for agencies? Sounds like there's loads of taxpayers' money splashing about for us plebs to earn back!

  26. Havin_it


    What kind of mind does it take to spontaneously come up with (sorry) that interpretation? Aside from one that's not terribly busy working or anything, obviously....

    /Bootnote: I suppose this could be a cunning loophole in this new proposed anti-toon-porno legislation, mind. The Phallic Logo Awards might be due for a second run-down soon...

    Mine's the one that everyone tells me looks like a dong, but I don't see it.

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