back to article Nokia N97 to land late Q1

The chaps over at online retailer have begun listing a price and launch date for Nokia’s recently unveiled N97 touchscreen webphone. Nokia_N97_play Nokia's N97 comes to in March Despite making waves at this year’s CES, Nokia’s kept mum about when the phone will be available from and – crucially – how much …


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  1. Graeme Hill
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    Looks nice.......

    ..... as long as it can handle the transition between 3g and 2g when travelling between inner city and rural areas which seems to be a problem with the new wave of 3g phones that have hit the market in the last few years, adn the battery can cope with an "allways open" window.

  2. Nicholas Wright
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    ... the keyboard is easy to use.

  3. Robert Foxx
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    Robert Foxx

    Wow... wasn't expecting it until mid summer at least, but if it's here in March I think I'll hold off on going for the Nokia 5800 at the end of the month.

  4. Ash
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    Too much?

    Does everything, costs a bomb.

    Can't I just have a Symbian phone with a decent keyboard which doesn't try to replace my MP3 player?

    Looking at E71 instead.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Graeme Hill

    "transition between 3g and 2g when travelling between inner city and rural areas"

    Hm. Walking down my hallway into my lounge (both of which are in central Oxford :-) ) triggers such a transition. And the N95 certainly doesn't play well around it.

  6. Dan Maudsley

    It's gone!

    Price and launch date removed. Mobile Computer has screenshots:

  7. Ascylto

    iPhone Killer

    It's Nokia's iPhone Killer.

    I just thought I'd post this as nobody seems to have used the "iPhone Killer" yet!

  8. Andy Watt

    inter-mode handover problems? jeez...

    priceless, it's taken the networks an age to iron out 3G-GSM handovers and now the bloody handsets are going backwards. i bet HSPA is to blame, overlaid / bolted on as it is.

    I spent time testing handovers on an automation rig I built some time back: it's not rocket science so come on Nokia, drag your game up before you become a laughing-stock. symbian will die on its' arse if Nokia don't improve their attitude.

    in the meantime, i'll wait until this new phone is just about impossible to buy befor I buy it. after several software / hardware updates maybe it'll hang together.

    still using my p990!l

  9. Bill
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    For a flagship phone...

    I'm very surprised that Nokia didn't include a Xenon flash in addition to dual LED. Without this, the camera will be damn near useless for night shots.

  10. Andy Hards

    Is it not a network thing?

    As I used to have problems when I went for 'big jobs' cos the reception in my loo was bad but I haven't changed phone (still got my battered N73) and one day it just changed over with no problems and has been fine ever since.

    Or is it just me?

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