back to article Jaunty Jackalope alpha 3 spotted in wild

The third alpha of Ubuntu’s forthcoming 9.04 distro, dubbed Jaunty Jackalope, has been released. Alpha 3 includes the Linux 2.6.28-3.4 kernel and comes loaded with support for using the Ext4 file system. However, Ext3 is expected to remain the default file system for Jaunty Jackalope. The release also comes with improved …


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  1. Fred

    Hey guys - heres that virus fix you need!

    What ever the current percieved problems with Ubuntu or any other non- macroshyte OS, at least it is a LOT less likely to be part of some bot net and help to line the pockets of anti-virus software producers.

    Fame-proof jaket was on 10 minutes ago and i've gone home.

  2. Chris Thomas
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    Isnt that for NVIDIA chipsets and Not intel ones?

  3. Edward Miles


    Propriety nvidea drivers? That's gonna delay my upgrade to say the least! Still, 8.10 is pleasent enough, so I don't mind sticking for a year, at which point I'll either upgrade my gfx card, or cry :P

  4. Waderider

    Nvidia drivers.........

    Well, the PC I'm posting this from runs Ubuntu 8.10, and the only difficulty during the install was a screen resolution issue caused by the 'free' Nvidia driver. I had to use the propriety driver, so I'll be sticking with 8.10 for a while then.

    I of course blame Nvidia not Ubuntu. For the last couple of years all my hardware purchases have been made with an eye on linux compatibility. Who knows, maybe the Nvidia card will die so I can justify replacement?!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jaunty Jackalope?

    So, I'm guessing that they're going to fix the name as part of the beta acceptance process?

    When you get grown up version names, you'll get treated like grown ups.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No driver?

    The Nvidia drivers that come with it have never satisfied me. Then again, I started losing interest with the KDE4 interface. Let's hope this is an improvement.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Grown-up version names

    > Jaunty Jackalope

    > So, I'm guessing that they're going to fix the name as part of the beta acceptance process? When you get grown-up version names, you'll get treated like grown-ups.

    You mean like Vista?

  8. Neil Woolford

    Oi, grumpy AC

    The silly names are actually for development versions, on release they get a sensible, boring number. This one will become 9.04 (assuming it makes the planned release date).

    Of course, those of us who never grew up will persist in using the funny names, because they are fun...

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    @ jaunty jackalope

    what would you suggest then? its meant to be a bit of fun and easy to remember. If you want to be formal, just refer to it as "version 9.04 of Ubuntu Linux"

    Oh no that would be too easy, why does no one mention Mac OSX with its daft names "Snow Leopard"....umm ok

    and can we quit this stupid -tard business, sick enough of Orlowski spewing his mouth about free-tards without the balls to turn on comments.

    Funny how everyone sticks the boot into Ubuntu over naming, yet doesnt mention Debian - Etch, Sid, Lenny - I dont see much difference in formality there.

    Then again people seemingly would rather fork over a ton of cash to Msoft for "Windows 7" yeah great name, crappy OS.

  10. Martin Owens

    RE: Jaunty Jackalope?

    >> When you get grown up version names, you'll get treated like grown ups.

    The name is 'Ubuntu 9.04' how is that not grown up?

    Jaunty Jackalope is the developer code name for this branch of software distribution. Users have no need to really know of it. But so many of them (including in the media) find it fun to use the code names.

  11. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


    I would goto ubuntu, but for that horrid default colour scheme.

    That and the nvidia driver problem

    <<A happy fedora 6 user and sees no reason to change

  12. Les Matthew

    Re: Jaunty Jackalope?

    "When you get grown up version names, you'll get treated like grown ups."

    I think you'll find that its grown up name is "Ubuntu 9.04"

  13. andrew wavey


    Now now Can't believe this guy is making an issue out of a name. hell every os has em. OSX, winblow, and linux (all distros)

    Wasn't winblows code name once longhorn. like the rooster on loony toons? People should have know better than to trust a os that was codenamed after a darn loony toon.

    Anyway, I hope Ubuntu fixes it's graphical issue. i am still partial to hardy haron myself.

  14. Lager And Crisps
    Jobs Horns


    If you are a Linux user , you will accept Ubuntu's unconventional naming of their respective releases, even if they do not appeal to you. You will then judge that particular release on it's merits.

    If you are a Windows user, all you need to know is that Ballmer frowns at you if you do not buy the latest version of Windows. And if you do not orgasm over the keyboard and monitor about this, the latest version of Windows, YOU NEED HELP!

  15. Steven Raith


    Much as though I am a bit of an open sauce zealot, of late my Gnome login is shafted [wants to launch KDM - WTF?] and last night a DJ saved my li..., no, sorry, last night an ACPI module update fucked my youtube/flash sound on video playback - video runs fine, but no audio, and *only* on flash video websites. Regular videos [AVIs, Flashgot-ted FLV files, anything played back locally basically] are OK - basically anything I can set to OSS, not PulseAudio or ALSA.

    Gah. Youtube-et-al sound works OK with a new profile or in KDE, but not in Gnome, so it must a .whatever confligration problem [probably in .macromedia, .pulseaudio etc], but that doesn't sort the inability to log in with anything other than failsafe Gnome.

    And the CDROM on my laptop doesn't boot-from any more, nor is it new enough to support USB boot, and I'm not brave enough to try setting an install partition on the local drive and rebuilding from that, so any reinstallation requires a DHCP-PXE-boot solution from the other machine, which I am just far, far too lazy to do until a new release comes alone.

    Hurry up Junkyard Jalopy, I need an excuse to back up my grot, er, essential business data, and do a nuke and pave!

    [still, this is *far* less than the problems XP ever gave me on this machine, it looks nicer visually [subjective, natch] and sucks less resources and grinds the HD less, so credit where credit's due]

    Steven R

    Back to being OS Agnostic...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No nvidia proprietary drivers??

    Show stopper for me. I like the performance of the proprietary driver and I like my dual screens working thank you very much. Of course nvidia is the problem, as is ATI. Both companies should provide detailed docs on how to write drivers for their hardware so they can concentrate on building and selling fantastic graphics hardware and not writing drivers. Get the community involved at the outset.

  17. Anonymous Coward


    > Youtube-et-al sound works OK with a new profile or in KDE, but not in Gnome

    Check to see if the new Flash is set to use ESD. Chances are it's set to ArTS or Phonon.

    OTH, this might help too:

  18. A J Stiles

    nVidious drivers

    If you want your graphics card working, write to your elected representative and ask for a law mandating driver Source Code disclosure as a precondition for the sale of any computer hardware. Caged, binary-only drivers are preventing you from using what you own as you see fit, enabling hardware manufacturers to tell lies, stifling competition and leading to unnecessary waste as hardware becomes unusable for want of drivers.

  19. Martin


    An imaginary creature which is a cross between a rabbit and an antelope?


  20. Colin Millar

    Foghorn leghorn

    Was the luney toons rooster. Now that is, I say, that is a proper name for an OS boy.

    I wish they would fix 8.10 before moving on. 8.04 went in real easy but on 8.10 it took me longer to do the post-install fixes than the install.

  21. paul

    Video drivers in time for release

    As mentioned this in the article, this is only an alpha release.

    Hopefully Nvidia will release a newer driver that supports new version of Xorg between now and march.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    @ Steven Raith

    Steven, sounds very familiar!

    I don't want to second guess whats happened to your OS, all I'll chip in is that, from experience, you still need to be wary about mixing apps written for KDE on gnome, even when there in the standard Ubuntu repositories.

    I made the mistake of starting my linux adventures with KDE4 and had nothing but hassle with variuos distros.

    Gnome might be less 'bleeding edge' but is generally less trouble free for the novice to average linux user IMHO.

    I end up reinstalling the OS every few months after meddling in places I shouldn't but hey you gotta learn somehow!

    Unlike the sheer agony of a windows OS failure, a full reinstall including online update only takes an hour.

    To facilitate this I'd recommend always mounting your /home directory on a separate partition as then there then is no need to backup, aherm essential business data, at least as part of the nuke process. (yes data should be backed up routinely anyway before anyone flames). Also all your application preferences/ firefox add-ons etc are retained and ready to go once the reinstall is finished.

  23. Beard
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    nVidia Problems

    For the last three Ubuntu releases, I've found that when I install the proprietary nVidia driver, it stops automatic recognition of the capabilities of my monitors. Even then, if I load the nVidia control centre application from the Administration menu, it doesn't try to run as root by default, so I can't save the config file it generates. It's so frustrating. To me, that's a small fix to make, but to someone else, that means you can't get X working at full resolution and decent refresh rate, without manually changing it each time you log on.

    Lame, lame, lame. Small problems like this are a far greater barrier to Linux uptake than not having Photoshop or many native games.

  24. A J Stiles

    @ Beard

    If the nVidia driver was Open Source, then Ubuntu could customise it to match their system seamlessly.

    As things stand, you're reliant on nVidia for drivers. And if they decide your graphics card is to old to bother with releasing a driver for it, you're shafted. Your elected representative may be able to help you.

  25. Anonymous Coward


    Imaginary? I wish, we're rife with them in the Great White North. And due to our federal governments bowing to political correctness we can't club them like baby seals or poison them anymore.

  26. Jonathan Richards

    @Wavey - sorting out the toons

    <quote>Wasn't winblows code name once longhorn. like the rooster on loony toons? People should have know better than to trust a os that was codenamed after a darn loony toon.</quote>

    The rooster was Foghorn Leghorn (Leghorn being a breed of chicken). The code name you're thinking of was Longhorn (Longhorn being a breed of bull...)

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