back to article Prison warders told to can 'hurtful' language

Scottish prison warders have been ordered to can "hurtful" language which might offend the delicate sensibilities of Caledonian lags, the Times reports. Among the vocab for the off, as outlined in Plain Talking: What We Say Can Hurt People issued by the Scottish Prison Service and Capability Scotland, are “daftie”, "nutter" …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Aw, poor wee things

    Perhaps we should just release them, as I expect being banged up in chokey is bad for one's self-esteem too?

  2. Lewis Wernham
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    '..."handicapped", the latter axed because it derives from “cap in hand” which apparently infers disabled people are beggars.'

    Oh no, not this one again. That's an urban myth:

  3. Lionel Baden


    I hereby Declare a new word


    as it is written exacly like above sounds very similar to three other words but is not

    Will now be used to describe any inmate that is annoying.

    PC Go suck eggs

    They dont like it they shouldnt of commited the crime !!!!!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So I guess it's out of the question to call "Scottish Prison Service’s equality and diversity manager, Rob Hastings" a retard?

  5. Ru

    "is not PC gone mad"

    Mad is an unkind and derogatory term. A more appropriate phrase might be "PC approximating the logic of a individual with mental health issues."

    (fingers crossed that a bajillion readers haven't already pointed this out)

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    sensible ideas for once

    Given that a measurable percentage of offenders actually do suffer from mental disorders this is a good idea. Treat others like you would want to be treated like. Would they get away with saying "put the black b*strd intae cell 44" No they wouldnt, so why should they get away with referring to those with mental or physical impairments in a derogatory manner?

    For example - It has taken years for people to be persuaded to stop using the word "spastic" or "spazzy"; derived from someone who suffers cerebal palsy and therefore can suffer from spastic (spasmed) limbs but adopted as an insult.

    Capability Scotland used to be known as the "Scottish Council for Spastics" but changed their name and remit many years ago to refer to anyone who needs help to improve their capabilities, such as those with learning difficulties and severe mobility issues.

    Plus they are one of the few employers who when they find out that someone needs sensible adjustments to their workspace to perform their job, actually do the adjustments rather than withdraw the position or bully the person into quitting, or put that person into situations which risk their health or ask them to perform tasks they are not capable of to ridicule them.

    Bill Aitken is a press attention seeker who never makes any sensible sugggestions on how to improve things, just lashes out meaningless soundbites like the true thatcher era tory that he is.

    The campaign against political correctness can just fuck off, bunch of muppets who like lashing out racial, sexual and disability related slurs (but dont like getting insults back or being called on their disgraceful behaviour).

    Newsflash, this is 2009 not 1609, they are a bit like the pensioner who came into my work one day and launched into a tirade about why theres nothing wrong with calling someone a "d*rkie", "p*ki", "w*g" or "n*gger", his excuse "Its the way you use it, not the word" total and utter bollocks, I wonder did he belong to the BUF? or maybe he was just upset that the nazis grabbed genocide before britain did.

  7. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Sick and tired of fluffy language!

    For flips sake, I am sick and tired of this need to use fluffy language, always having to hide the painful truth of what something really is. PC can be good in the right context, but often it is used as an excuse by overpaid, pond-dwelling legal scumbags to get money out of someone.

    We don't have problems any more, we have issues or situations.

    Soldiers don't die in horrific agony due to gunshot wounds, the "armed forces suffer casualties in staged conflicts".

    People aren't viciously raped by head-cases with no morals and no control, they are "victims of sexual assault".

    Trains no longer breakdown, go wrong or are busted, they are "subject to unit malfunction".

    We don't have night-watchman or security guards, they are security "officers". Obvious attempt to make something seem more important that it is. You look after something, you guard it, therefore you are a guard!

    Just stop, right now!

  8. Anonymous Coward

    we are all doomed

    'The Scottish Prison Service’s equality and diversity manager, Rob Hastings, defended that the guide "is not PC gone mad"'

    Of course not, it's PC "with mental health issues"

  9. Gulfie
    IT Angle

    It's political correctness gone mad, hell in a handcart. etc etc

    But seriosuly, are the lags going to stop using these and other psychologically damaging terms between themselves and to the warders? Stop acting violently? Rehabilitate themselves?

    The purpose of prison is, surely, punishment and rehabilitation. We plainly fail at the latter which is something we should be very ashamed of, and by all accounts it sounds like we fail at the former as well. I'm not saying that prisoners should be subjected to verbal tirades but you may as well lay on butlers and silver service if this sort of thing is going to happen. No deterrent at all.

  10. Joskyn Jones
    Paris Hilton


    "“The word ‘daftie’ is used as a derogatory term. It implies there is something bad about them. "

    There s something "bad about them" otherwise they wouldn't be in fscking prison!!!

    This is PC gone OTT.

    Paris, because she's been there..!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Capability Scotland?

    Is that like Capability Brown for grouse shooting?

  12. andy gibson


    Is "daftie" a common term in Scotland then? Because when I've been, the inhabitants (who's houses have three taps - hot, cold and whisky) tended to use more colourful words than that.

  13. Anonymous Coward


    Why, as a nation, do we treat our criminal scum better than we do our honest citizens?

    Prisoners get free internet, free TV, free heating, free food, free this, free that; some even get exotic trips away; THEIR rights are protected by armies of lawyers who rush to defend them; and what does the law-abiding citizen get? To pay for it all, that's what.

    It is a mockery of justice that these pieces of human refuse get such an easy time. They should be forced to do hard labour (clearing streets, whatever) as at least a token gesture to repay the society that they have harmed.

    If being called a "nutter" is the worst they have to worry about, then the prison regime is clearly not harsh enough.

  14. Jacob Lipman

    Poor show

    I expect better from a Reg hack.


    Other descriptions which similarly “reinforce negative attitudes” are “dumb” (in future “without speech”) and "handicapped", the latter axed because it derives from “cap in hand” which apparently infers disabled people are beggars.

    (End Quote)

    Perhaps an individual could infer that meaning; however, the word you sought in describing said relationship is "implies".


  15. Tim

    "Quality and Diversity"

    Says political correctness (sorry "quality and diversity") manager, Rob Hastings "Its not political correctness gone too far".

    Of course not, Rob; after all you have to do *something* to justify your taxpayer funded salary.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Learning difficulties.

    Personally I'm offended by their use of learning difficulties to imply that one is either a nutter or a psycho. I have a learning difficulty, being really lazy makes it very hard to do anything, however I'm neither nutter nor psycho which are clearly different things.

    I wish the dafties would stop using such offensive terms.

  17. Shig


    Look, mental health issues or not... if someone's in jail because they can't figure out not to cut someone up, they're fucking lucky to be alive at all and not dead as a result of their crimes. Frankly I don't give a fuck what "hurtful language" they're subjected to in prison, as it was likely their "hurtful behaviour" that put them their in the first place.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Working in accessibility (perhaps thats the IT angle?) its a pity these muppets don't take the time to find out what words actually mean, and if they serve a useful purpose, before banning them. WHO found English terms around disability so difficult in translating international standards they established a committee to define them.....

    .....impairment is the functional issue, disability is the impact of impariment on the person and handicap is the barrier to societal inclusion resultant from disability - I'm paraphrasing.

    Its actually a useful way of thinking since an impairment needn't be a disability and disability needn't be a handicap - in an institution such as a prison its usually external support and intervention which is critical in determining whether an impairment becomes a handicap.

    BTW None of these terms are anywhere near as offensive as sticking -tard on the end of stuff as tends to be the habit here.

    And the origin of handicap is from hand-in-cap via hand i' cap and refers to a game requiring the support of a referee. Not exactly positive, but sod all to do with begging.

  19. Colin Millar

    Can I just say?

    That I completely agree with the daft bint

  20. dervheid


    Complete and utter PISH!

    I'm sick and tired of all these fucking psycho P.C. numpties. Nutters, the fucking lot of them. Absolutely no grip on reality. If they try and punish the cons for using some of these common phrases, then, in the words of the Kaiser Chiefs, "I Predict a Riot"

    Ms Moloney needs to remove her asshat, is clearly a daftie, and should remain dumb forthwith.

    Capability Scotland are doing themselves no favours with this, and should bag the aforementioned eijit before she does any more damage. Whit a tube!

  21. ElFatbob


    And they wonder why we've lost just about all respect for the Criminal Justice system?

    "Equality and diversity manager" = Commisar

  22. Schultz


    I work in a more civilized institution and can still be inpolite.

  23. Richard

    Of course it's not political correctness gone mad!

    According to the handbook*:

    "Political" should not be used as it has associations with politicians, and that offends pretty much everybody.

    "Correctness" is derived from "Rectus": Latin for "bottom^H^H^H "right"

    "Mad" has associations with mental health issues, which should never be alluded to.

    I can now imagine Scottish lags shouting "Person wi' mental health issues? Are yoo sayin' ah'm a nutter?" followed by a swift headbutt and a few days in solitary... and all because of a without speech handbook.

    * I don't actually have a copy, but I'm sure this is what it says

  24. Frank


    "..."handicapped", the latter axed because it derives from “cap in hand” which apparently infers disabled people are beggars."

    A quick search, in what might be thought of as reliable reference dictionaries, shows that the word 'handicap' is derived from the phrase 'hand in cap'. This refers to the drawing of forfeits in an old game.

    The word 'handicap' refers to a burden, placed on someone, which puts them at a disadvantage. The burden itself is regarded as being a forfeit drawn from the cap of fate.

    These PC pillocks are twisting things to suit their own agenda and making stuff up as they go along. I don't mind them making up new words to suit themselves but I wish they'd leave the old words alone.

  25. Anonymous Coward


    Time for the BBC to re-run the entire series. If the Prison Offices are like Mr. Mackay then I know exactly where these new instructions will end up...

    As a reminder:

    Mackay: "They're criminals, man!"

    Barrowclough: "Ah yes but they're also human beings."

    Mackay: "All right. But criminal human beings!"

  26. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)


    I must add to the above that there wouldn't be so many woeful, counter-productive attempts at attitude reform (and this really is a great example of how not to do it) if there weren't so many people with mental health issues in prisons who should be in hospitals. Before you start, I don't mean that people who are a danger to others should be let out in the name of fluffy liberalism - it's just common sense that people with diminished capabilities who've made mistakes and ended up in jail aren't going to get better there, and all the feeble PC balls in the world isn't going to help that.

    Man, I'm just making work for myself today.

  27. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Poor show

    Nope. Works both ways, actually.

    Pedantry fail. Heh. Not that I mean to infer anything.

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Utter Madness!!!!

    The Scottish Prison Service’s equality and diversity manager, Rob Hastings, defended that the guide "is not PC gone mad", concluding: "You have to keep chipping away at these attitudes."

    I agree, it is PC gone completely and utterly mad!!!

    I am normally the first one to go against foul language, but you still have to stay within reality, and Rob Hastings has obviously lost it to a point where one could say, he is completely out of touch with reality!!!

    If he claims he needs to chip away these attitudes, then I would say, his need to be bulldozed over!!!

    As I said, I dislike foul language and don have a problem with voicing my opinion, when adults use four letter words, while my children are in hearing distance. But on the other hand, those are adults and should be treated they way they are used to and not come against them in such an arrogant ¨We are better than you because we use better language¨ attitude!!!

    Rob hastings is simply playing ¨King¨ and tries to imprint his (arrogant and despicable) character on his subordinates.

    Just shows you who has the chip on his shoulder and has to have some of his attitude ¨chipped¨ away.

  29. Pete James

    A Good Idea

    To some extent I support the work done here. People in prison shouldn't be abused, either by other inmates or by their custodians. The article quite clearly states that this should apply to prisoners just as much as those who guard them.

    And Fuzzy Wotnot, it might be a good idea to consider properly why some terms have been created. "victims of sexual assault" for example is used out of respect for the victim. Think about it.

  30. Luther Blissett

    @Sarah Bee - My dictionary is bigger than your dictionary ;-)

    Jacob is correct. People (and other agents, like amanfromMars and possibly some computers) can both infer and imply. But statements, facts, descriptions and the like can only imply.

    Try a strap-on dictionary next time?

  31. Anonymous Coward

    n the immortal words of Daffy Duck: "I demand that you shoot me now"

    To be frank, this disgusts me far more than the terms themselves. half of it is based on inaccuracies (handicapped) and the other half refer to terms that are only mildly derogatory. To be frank, life just isn't fair - I've been insulted a fair few times (some justified, others not) but WHO CARES? You're supposed to be adults. Get over it. Get on with your lives. Dedicate the time to something that actually matters. Remove the chips from your shoulders. Stop hiding behind legislation and go and DO something.

    Bloody do-gooders. If you don't like the TV shows, don't watch them. If you don't like what's on the internet, don't use it. If you don't like people being insulting in prison, don't commit a crime.

    I have absolutely no smypathy

  32. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @Sarah Bee - My dictionary is bigger than your dictionary ;-)

    Try a what now?

    If that's true then English is even more ornery than I thought. You've got to love it.

  33. 2FishInATank


    Rephrasing euphemisms for mental health issues?

    It's madness gone politically correct I tell you!

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    another thing

    and another thing, i hear that the prison population is ballooning ! - howcome common criminals are offered expensive leisure activities when most honest hardworking taxpayers have trouble affording a basic holiday.

  35. Mark Menzies

    Wot bloody rocket thought this up???`

    As a previous member of Her Majesty's Prison Service in Scotland, I would like to respond to this article.

    It seems that as daftie and spaz are not fit for use, can I recommend we call the theivin'/murderin'/robbn'/rapin' scumbags the following:

    1. Rocket

    2. Zoomer

    3. Sizzler

    4. Numptie

    5. Ba'heid

    6. Scunner

    Oh aye, @ Mike JVX

    What prison was it you worked at then? I would like to know how you manage to get to the conclusions you have.

    BTW, I agree that institutionalised racism and abuse of any kind should be addressed and eradicated, but these scummy bastids call the folk that wear the white shirts a lot worse, but yet again, its all about the criminal, never about the victim.

    Wot a pile of shite.

  36. Anonymous Coward

    Nobody has commented that we pay this mans Salary?

    "The Scottish Prison Service’s equality and diversity manager, Rob Hastings"

    More tax payers money well spent then. Perhaps locking people in a small room also has an effect? Could Rob put them up instead? I am sure he has a nice house and plenty of spare room.

  37. michael

    my 1.6p (at current exchange rates)

    Learning difficulties.??

    I dis like the fact that Learning means mad I have Learning difficulties. (I am servley dyslexic) but that dose not make me insane ...working with windows evry day for 5 years that is what had made me insane ....wibble

    @@Sarah Bee - My dictionary is bigger than your dictionary ;-)

    " Jacob is correct. People (and other agents, like amanfromMars and possibly some computers) can both infer and imply. But statements, facts, descriptions and the like can only imply.

    Try a strap-on dictionary next time?"

    are you implying (har) that the author of this pice is not a person??

  38. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Negative things

    "An impairment need not be a negative thing."

    Er, sorry, but there is *no* reasonable etymology of IM-pairment that is not a negative thing.

    Having said that, what's wrong with "negative" things? Which do you prefer: HIV+ or HIV-?

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Mark Menzies

    The only part referencing prisons specifically was that referring to a prison as a "black bstard" would generally be frowned upon by the majority of the population maybe not other cons, but generally the population in general.

    I live in an area populated by drug addicts, the recently paroled and other ne'er do wells, so I have little time for the scumbags.

    Though someone I worked with did time in saughton for possession of pot and almost died from appendicitis, as none of the prison officers who he complained of severe abdominal pain, took it seriously. Doc told him he was close to dying from peritonitis

    Rare case hopefully, but goes to show there is no black and white.

  40. Robert Moore
    Jobs Halo

    I find the term PC offensive

    Hopefully all the equality and diversity managers will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes.

  41. pctechxp

    Prison is a hotel

    I partly agree with Sarah Bee's comments if the mental health issue has been robustly proven but the rest deserve everything they get so this nonsense should stop.

    If you don't like it, don't do the crime!

  42. Aga D.

    Give 'em a thesaurus!

    "Dumb" to be changed to "without speech"? The last time I checked, "without speech" was the definition of "mute". Or was someone too "dumb" to look in a thesaurus? LOL

  43. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Prison is a hotel

    I'll ignore that cheesy last line there and point you to this interestingness of a few years ago

    Shows how bad it is for everyone involved - prisoners, officers, society, the lot.

  44. Pierre

    A tiny bit over the edge maybe?

    I don't think wardens should be allowed to shout "com'ya and suck on it, yo shite-licking muthafucka!" to the inmates. Howerver, preventing them from saying that the jailbirds "suffer" from some condition or are "handicapped" is so stupid that the originating person *must* *absolutely* be called a total moron. Looking forward to the next flu epidemics. I wonder if the wardens will be allowed to say that an inmate is "ill" or "sick". Shurely these derogatory terms must be avoided, as temporary fluctuations in health are, after all, part of who the inmates are...

  45. Dave Gregory
    Thumb Up

    @Mark Menzies

    Surely, the inmates according to Brookmyre are:








  46. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    A person is a person no matter what?

    Are we really discussing the importance of addressing another human being properly?

    And this is the 21st century?

    Thank god for the bomb?

  47. Mark Menzies

    @ Dave Gregory

    You are a true scholar......

    Give that man his own icon. :D

  48. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Bring back...

    ....hanging, transportation, Bedlam and the stocks!

  49. Anonymous Coward

    the real issue

    The real problem is that we have prisoners in jail who have mental health issues, or who are mentally disabled, and our only solution to their problems is to deprive them of their freedom in a punitive fashion. So we punish them for their mental deficiences, which are none of their choice, or their making, and undoubtedly the major factor in their "criminality". This is just a tad up from gassing them.

    As usual, the politically correct strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. They won't spend the money needed to address the real issue, so they just get us to talk about it nicely instead!

  50. Anonymous Coward

    Proscripted this, prescribed that, described the other gets you jail...

    Seems to me the government will not rest happy until it has removed all free thought and legislated for every situation. We will all have to carry hand held devices. When someone asks you a question, simply enter it on the device and it will tell you what the allowed responses to such a question are.

    FFS - what has happened to free thought? Did reality TV really numb the brains of a whole generation? Come on people wake up!

    No need to abuse anyone, but teach decency and respect at an early age and get rid of the ridiculous burden of unfathomable legislature.

    Mine's the one with FFS on the back....

  51. Walking Turtle

    ..."for Punishment and Rehabilitation"...

    Lessee... Kid born naked - check.

    Mrs. Grundy registers objection to yet another young mother having given birth to yet another naked child; blames mother and child with equal venom... Check.

    Parents be poor hopeless idjit transplant workin'-stiff sods with no sense for the predicament of whisper-campaign social exclusion that they and The Kid are provided by one and all (except for a few "misfit nutters" in that Wicked Little Town who already know the score and the players all too well)... check.

    Neighbors be of a nature found somewhere on the spectrum 'tween blithely clueless and utter sodding evildoing child-hating chavs... Check.

    Church policy includes the "Othering Out" so that all others of the group "MIght Be Made Cleee-eee-ee-an"... Check.

    Schools be egregious on that very point... Check.

    Teachers be predestinatiously inclined themselves, so as to consider it all "Ghawd's Will" that the antisocializational child-pounding already obviously under way be professionally improved upon and amplified seven ways from Sunday... Check.

    Kid consequently kept essentially, virtually naked to all and sundry for years on end, while growing "up" into Pounded-Down and Twisted Half-Life in that Wicked Little Hamlet, at all times kept under The Big Microscope; no expressed hope for normal adult development ever allowed to survive; every move taken up toward that worthwhile and normal goal being actively counteracted... "Kill it before it grows." Check.

    Chart-topping IQ of kid kept secretized; whisper-rumors that kid topped the chart (the Stanford-Binet only goes to 200, folks!) and so gets the "Freak Treatment" that every "Freak Kid" is handed whether overtly, sub rosa or combined for synergy's sake... Check.

    Aging "Funny-walkin' damfool kid" kept socially naked and whisper-beaten by all and sundry, every day of their life, though nominally clothed and nary a hand laid on them, but daily flogged by tongue's lash anyway "because it builds character"...

    Kid abandons Wicked Little Town forever... Check.

    Kid wakes up like Gautama only a thousand miles from the place of their birth, removes multiple hoodwinks barehanded amid much shrieking denigration and irrational objection from Mrs. Grundy, Officer Malarky, Nurse Ratched, numerous chav neighbors and Just Everybody carrying any underhanded vested interest in keeping "The Kid" (by now emerging inexorably from a ham-fistedly enforced Adult Childhood of monstrous proportions) both mortally sick and forever in the dark... Check. :)

    Been there; been done to me too. They really do do that to people. Then they swear it "Never Happened" while sharpening the knives for the next assault. Until a few are caught in the savage act red-handed with alibis all hanging out like the exit tract of any pondside duck in the Spring, when Mister Drake is being frisky.

    The only difference - the only reason this one is indeed happily doing well, these days, improving in safety and peace every day with no further degradation, is their prior years of utter refusal (even while still under The Whispering Thumb) to EVER consent to submit to any part of the Treatment that is No Cure, including the bit where Officer Malarkey's oddly seductive gal friend Jolly Nurse Ratched gets to have her way with The Kid on The Ward, no objection from The Kid ever allowed.

    I did not go, and so did not stay as expected.

    Um, I am just fine now, thank you. Never better at 56. Loving life and and improving every day. But not by any pre-supposed virtue of any such institutionalized societal mal-treatment, no matter how popular and inexpensive it may be or ever become, in today's crashing fail of a hollowed-out, raked-out and crashed-broke world society. Take that to the bank and make Disaster Capital of it if one can, ye reptilian wannabee Rothschilds!

    Now lay off, you nutterhaters, and criking LEAVE ME IN PEACE. NEVER bother me again! I have had enough reminders already from the Type A assaultive asshats here in this comments section of how relatively quasi-human a certain subspecies of the maha-simian race might just remain for at least half of criking forever, especially should it insist on failing to take up the rightful study titled "Keys to Gaining Genuine Humanity" straight away.

    Live it and live with it: It's the character that Jack Ratched built. You nutterhaters don't like us so much, you hate the way we grow, but you have learned NOTHING.

    First Step to Wisdom: Just stop pounding us all in that SAVAGE way. Just stop pounding us hard-pressed human beings *entirely*. Now GO POUND SAND instead. DO IT NOW!

    The Boffin, because a PhD-grade Field Practicum in this particularly hard-nobbled arena of industrial-scale sub-/in-/quasi-/semi-human murk and degradation quite deliberately pounded in on all manner of vulnerable others less fortunate/blessed/lucky/whatnot than my own sweet self, whether on private initiative or at public expense is just plain priceless.

    I'll get me coat. It's the bush/desert lab model that burns like fire when donned, but is not consumed. Stand clear... :)

  52. Anonymous Coward

    Walking Turtle - Rabbit!

    Why old Abbie Johnson is right, and I am only proud that these children here are today to witness this fine example of frontier gibberish!


  53. Eddie Edwards

    @ Pedants

    "3. To lead to as a consequence or conclusion: "Socrates argued that a statue inferred the existence of a sculptor"

    Sarah Bee and El Reg 2. Jacob and Luther 0.

    On to injury time ... Sarah gets another 5 minutes because of the crack about strap-ons.

    Pedantry fails are the best fails of all.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Sarah Bee : Grauniad

    So you're saying that prisons are full of nutters and psychos?

    @Walking Turtle

    Are you in prison perchance?

  55. Walking Turtle

    ..."For Punishment and Rehabilitation"...

    @ JonB Posted Tuesday 20th January 2009

    "@Walking Turtle

    Are you in prison perchance?"

    Hardly, and far from it. (You? Someone said something about Brit prisoners and Internet access... Unheard-of Stateside.)

    Such manner of ultimate destruction behind bars as was mentioned in my prior post, said "Treatment that is No Cure" having been reliably visited upon my own essentially naked person from the earliest years, was indeed the repeatedly-expressed expected/intended outcome of all the wicked small-town pounding-down outlined above. Surely that was made plain in the text?

    Surely this one's independently initiated growing-out from under that entirely toxic socioethical milieu was made sufficiently plain as well. Believe me: To forgive may well be Divine in such matters - to forget the cause of the suffering is self-defeating; forgetting invites repeat performances on ones' self and innumerable similarly placed others.

    To force fear-of-knowing ignorance of such ill-formed sociological dynamics as are to this day indeed reliably still pressed down upon so many vulnerable innocents as can be fingered-out "for sport" or "to build character" is not acceptable either. Even so, to my own observant experience the Foul Practice as-outlined in the prior account is quite likely much more widely applied than is commonly acknowledged, let alone owned-up to by its perpetrators.

    So maybe I'm the exceptional outcome to something so vile that it is considered reliably effective in its action by its prepetrator/practitioners. But it sure does drive most of 'em to the cells, though, dunnit? It seems to stem from a certain mutual inversion of certain Life-sustaining values among the pounding versus parties, really.

    Call it "white-on-red" crime, if colors must be assigned. Savage as can be, short of outright murder.

    Kindly now: If necessary, just re-read and re-evaluate that prior comment of mine for content versus reader preconception. Place feet in proffered moccasins; walk one mile "Straight Up", then return borrowed mocs to rightful owner. Ours is not (yet) entirely gone to prison-planet, although Brit street security protocol and procedure (infamous Blair-era Tube "Security" murder and all) seems to be tending in that direction every day. (They're still practicing getting away with those murder-in-public moves here Stateside, y'know.)

    Misapprehension among strangers is a terrible condition to walk about in. Being a duly ordained reverend of the Universal Life Church, I operate the Holy Ministry of Reconciliation per Bible spec (among other corollary specs) as best one is able every day. I also manage a Main Street block of commercial units. I also hand-manufacture a growing line of extremely durable thin-section floral/botanical-motif glass heirloom collectibles in one of those very units. I provide tenant service, pay invoices, collect fees, manufacture and sell my best-quality decorative art glass goods just as normal and non-imprisoned as can be every day, thank you very much. (The place /was/ a bit of a zoo, back when I first started callin' the Life back into her junkie-battered bones. No zoo here today.)

    My Main Street tenant/neighbors are also my friends these days, a thousand miles from where the previously mentioned crimes against my being were originally committed by malicious and clueless others. So what and how do YOU make do for a living, Stranger JonB?

    Fair warning: If indeed you prove out to make yours in any way by means of pounding-down degradation visited upon any manner of captive and/or forced-vulnerable other human being(s), no matter how airtight the Justifying Alibi, whether it be a private or State-sponsored justification, then I shall have done with you on the spot, believe that.

    The Boffin, for previously cited and sufficient reason.

  56. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: ..."For Punishment and Rehabilitation"...

    Wow, it's just like V from V for Vendetta suddenly showed up in comments or something.

  57. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Walking Turtle

    Well, two things to say to that.

    Brevity is the soul of wit...

    ..and it's amazing how much computer hardware you can stick up yer jacksie these days.

  58. Walking Turtle

    { end.core_dump }

    Full stop. I'm done. Thanks for the read. Good on you. :)

  59. Norman Mackay
    Thumb Down

    The political correctness cult

    This PC crap being rammed down our throats has a strong Labour smell all over it.. No one is ever responsible for their own actions, and its everyones fault when things go terribly wrong.... and, even terrorists and murderers are good sorts.

  60. n


    ...that will be the same sps that are against the proposals to use perspex screens to stop smuggling at visiting time, like those used in the usa, as it would "upset the prisoners".


    If it was impossible to smuggle in phones/drugs/tobacco/etc during visiting hours,

    that would mean the vast amount of drugs coming in would have to have been brought in by someone who comes into the prison each day and goes home each day...


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