back to article Fisker posts Karma Sunset shots

Hot on the heels of its appearance at the Detroit Motor Show last week, Fisker has released a pair of piccies of its epically gorgeous Karma Sunset hard-top convertible. Gentlemen, prepare to drool... Fisker Karma S Fisker's Karma Sunset: roof retracted... Fisker Karma S ...and ready to repel rain There's no word on …


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  1. Flugal


    Reminds of the Viz comic spoof "Satsuma Fannymagnet" car ad.

  2. Nicholas Wright
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    I've got one word for you...


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it just me...

    ...or is there more than a nod towards the Alfa 8c in this design?

  4. John Latham

    I'd love one...

    ...with an LS7 V8.

  5. The Mighty Spang

    they must be running low on cash

    apparantly can only afford to take photographs at the local dump.

  6. Sarev
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    Now _that_ looks like a yank car

    What a load of yank. Looks really cartoony (dare I say Hentai) from the front, too.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    Has ElReg turned into the private fetishsite for the hacktards?????

  8. Steve
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    Looks ike they left it in the sun too long, it's melted.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Perfect for those with a small penis

    With the top down it looks reminiscent of BMW's ghastly Z8. It should be popular with Californians and 57-year old men.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Who cares?

    American cars are shit anyway.

    Bearable in a straight line but awful in corners.

  11. Pete James

    Drool over that?

    It displays little in the way of imagination, copying complete sections of other models and lumping them together in a moderately well proportioned whole. An uninspired pick n' mix special, nothing more.

    I don't wish to be harsh on the staffer responsible for this but please get in someone who is a bit less accepting of some PR guff and a polaroid snap.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    So what the auto makers are telling us

    Is that in order to have a good and good looking electric car you have to be rich enough so as to not need to choose between buying a house or buying an electric car? Right gotchya. So I guess I'll be sticking with gas powered for the foreseeable future. The car itself is very good looking, but for that price not only had it better be good looking but I had better do my taxes, wash itself and give me a hand job while sitting in traffic.

  13. Pete James

    @ AC

    "American cars are shit anyway.

    Bearable in a straight line but awful in corners."

    Bit predictable, if also true of old offerings.

    Sadly, you ignored the difference in values for the typical American consumer. You also forgot the rather impressive contribution the Americans have made to automotive styling over the years*. Damn sight more than the French, let's put it that way.

    *Fisker's ego machine excepted.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    American what..?

    You know what? Fisker used to work for Aston Martin, not exactly an american company. And the chappa is of danish origin. Now, who said it-ers weren't useless morons? And, no, I'm not an american, I'm just another anonymous coward.

    Paris? Get out of your dreams, get into my car, thats why.

  15. jai

    i'd buy that for a dollar

    sadly, currently economic climet means i'm unlikely to be able to afford anything more expensive

    still, unlike the sad volvo-loving gits who've posted before me, i am drooling at those pics

  16. Tone

    Z8 Ghastly? Get your eyes tested.

    Fisker designed the Z8 as well as the Aston Martin Vantage, DB9, Volante

  17. DRendar
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    It isn't meant for us! (Neither are Ferrari's)

    I agree that most american built cars handle like a wollowing hippo, but this has been designed by Europeans.

    The only American thing about the car is that it was built there - Henrik Fisker is Danish and Bernhard Koehler is German. Fisker also was chief designer on the Aston Martin DB9 (British / German), and I challenge anyone to say that that handles badly or looks bad - also no-one complains about that costing so much.

    The Karma isn't supposed to be for the average Joe, it's supposed to be an electric supercar, hence the price. (And putting aside the top speed of 125MPH, it is for all intents and purposes a supercar) The Tesla is also outside of the vast majority of peoples price ranges, but at least the Karma has 4 seats, a boot, and CAN run on fossil fuel if you want to go further than 200-odd miles without a 6-hour stop to recharge batteries.

    And guess what, those celebrities that used to buy huge gas guzzling Ford / Dodge tanks or Euro Supercars, and switched to Toyota Pious's for the green creds are going to be all over these things, so there will be no shortage of customers throwing their money at Fisker so he can come up with something that I can afford in a few years.

    These vehicles are intended to prove a technology is viable, and to generate the company money so that they can develop the technology for the mass market. Fisker and Tesla have both stated that they plan to mass-produce vehicles for regular people, but they can hardly do that without cash flow can they?

    I, along with 98% of the population will probably never earn enough money to be able to afford to spend £65k on a Karma. I also won't be able to buy a new Ferrari, Lambo or Aston Martin, but I still get excited about new technology that comes about on them because I know that eventually the technology will trickle down to regular cars.

    Remember 10-15 Years ago, when Disk Brakes and ABS were only fitted to high end cars? Well now they are pretty much standard fit on everything.

    Give it 5 years and we should start to see similar viable tech that we can ALL afford.

  18. James Dore

    @ Pete James

    If by 'Impressive contribution to Automotive styling' you mean hideous pastiche and baroque gaudiness that would make Liberace blush, then maybe you'd be correct.

    In one single car, the French (and Italians) did more for automotive styling than any other country on the planet.

    The French also introduced the 'Cab Forward' design about a decade before it became popular in the US - with the Renault Espace.

    'American Styling' is a very convenient shorthand for crass, naive, meat-headed and hamfisted design over here. They're bought by egomaniacs with self-esteem issues.

  19. Dr. Mouse

    @Pete James

    "Damn sight more than the French, let's put it that way."

    Erm, yeah, you do realise that's not saying very much, donchya?

    I personally don't rate the Yank car 'Styling'. As for the "difference in values for the typical American consumer"... Yeah the typical Yank needs <tongue in cheek>

    a) something big enough to fit into,

    b) can't do with a light weight car because they'll weigh more than the car, and

    c) would die of shock if they saw the lovely, twisty back roads of Europe.

    </tongue in cheek>

    This is why most Britts & Europeans do not like Yank cars, and yes, it is all down to a difference in values. In the UK, good handling is important. America have straight roads, so dont need to be able to corner.

    Yank cars r still crap though :P

  20. Colin Millar

    @ who cares

    Shit in corners?

    Fastest production car round the Nurburgring - Dodge Viper

    Then a Maserati, Zonda, Ferrari followed by Chevvy Corvette

    First Brit car is a Caterham at 36.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ The Mighty Spang

    "apparently can only afford to take photographs at the local dump."

    this is not due to money, it is done to make the car look better. i mean if you had one hot woman in a room with a lode of mingers then she would look better than if everyone else was hot.

  22. Mr Grumblefish


    If I were gay and I saw that thing emerging from between Johnny Depp's thighs, maybe.

  23. Ashley Stevens


    "The only American thing about the car is that it was built there - Henrik Fisker is Danish and Bernhard Koehler is German. "

    Err no, it's built in Finland by Valmet automotive (who also build Porsche Boxsters). But it is an American company and it's design in America (by as you say, a Dane).


  24. Pete James

    @ James Dore etc

    Just to correct a point wrongly made. Ian Callum (who moved to Jaguar a good few years back) designed the Aston DB9; Fisker finished off detail work only. The Vantage was merely a continuation of the theme already hammered out.

    Aston Martin was part of Ford's PAG setup. So yes, it was for a time ultimately American owned.

    As for the Espace James, schoolboy error there. The Espace was created by Fergus Pollock. In Coventry. Just because Renault like to claim the title of the inventors of the MPV - which is rubbish - doesn't mean you should believe their PR guff. So who actually brought the MPV to the world? Ah, Chrysler. Cab forward? US makers were trying out such a concept before the Second World War! It's a terrible shame when people elevate the French to such a lofty position when the facts show otherwise. Italy deserves it's historical position (with the UK right on their coat tails) but to ignore the US contribution is a very poor show.

    Granted Harvey Earl's work in the Fifties may seem ludicrous to some now, but his influence was felt around the world and trickled down into mainstream cars for over a decade - and you forget the impact of the Mustang, Charger, Corvette etc. I would also come striaght back to the present and include the current Cadillac range but that's actually from a Brit - like an awful lot of vehicles over the years.

  25. DRendar

    @Colin Millar

    "Fastest production car round the Nurburgring - Dodge Viper"

    The only reason that thing goes so fast is it has an engine out of an 18 Wheeler!

    It probably cost the GDP of a small African country to get round it too.

    The Land Speed record is currently held by a British built car, British Driver, British Designer. (Thrust SSC) It does over 700MPH. Doesn't make it a good car to own though does it?

    Raw Power (Which is all US Cars are good for) does not a good car make.

    And if We're going for random no-substance facts: the Dodge Viper is number 69th on the Top Gear Lap times (Granted in wet conditions), in fact the fasted US car is the Ford GT, in 17th. Of the Top 16, 3 Are British, 1 Japanese, the rest are Euros.

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