back to article Silverlight to follow Obama into US presidency

Barack Obama's inauguration as US president next week will be broadcast online using Microsoft's Silverlight browser-based media player. Microsoft said Friday that Obama's Presidential Inaugural Committee had selected Silverlight to stream live coverage of his swearing-in from its site, scheduled for Tuesday in Washington DC …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    M$ garbage... I guess Obama's staff doesn't understand OPEN formats.

  2. Che Kristo
    Gates Horns

    What BS

    Great! Hang on i'll just head on over to and install it:

    One moment, please, while the current Silverlight installation status is determined...

    "Microsoft Silverlight may not be supported on your computer's hardware or operating system."

    Who was the asshat that made that decision

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Red you're home wok before ewe hand it in

    The speeling on the registrar is wars than the Grauniad. If you cannot type better than a bogger ridding a kangaroo, at least cheque four sin pull, Miss Takes.

  4. Jeff
    Thumb Down

    MS chosen or bought and sold?

    So does that mean taxpayers are footing the bill or is MS benevolently donating it's services, software and bandwidth? Or was MS the high-bidder?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I can't book on Ryanair...

    This page says "Welcome, Please download Microsoft Silverlight to view our destinations map."

    Well I *could* do that, yeh, I could go chase down Silverlight which no doubt needs a load of other patches installed, but instead I just went to another site.

    I reckon Microsoft is paying a lot of money for these Silverlight exclusives.

  6. Martin Lyne


    Nobody's going to be watching the inauguration online then.

  7. Ilgaz

    President of USA or Microsoft?

    We see the "change". A product of a company which was documented to be a monopoly and abusing it by american courts must be installed to watch president. Not just that, EU ruled the same too.

    Perhaps they should also pass a legislation to make people run Windows and Mac OS X Intel, the only platforms may run Silverlight.

  8. Pierre
    Thumb Down

    Look how hype I am

    I'm using some bug-ridden gimmick for no reason, look at me, watch me being cool.

    At least now the script kiddies know what to target. Silverlight vulns FTW!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    When will Obama...

    When will Obama care about regular people and transmit video in a way regular people get it?

  10. Dave

    Yet another plug-in

    So far I've refused to install any Silverlight stuff on my machines. So I guess I won't be watching the inauguration on the internet.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    So about 3 people will be watching then.

  12. chris


    How much did MS donate to the Obama campaign? I presume they tossed cash at McCain as well, but I'd still be interested to know.

    Not that I'm bothered, because everyone that uses Linux is a communist anyway...

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Is Silverlight any worse than any other plugin?

    Why the heated opposition? How is this any worse than, say, Apple's odious Quicktime? If you don't want Silverlight, can't you just install "Moonlight", an open-source implementation of Silverlight?

  14. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Hulu is Flash

    Hulu is advertising the inauguration, and it is Flash so I would assume there is at least one Flash outlet for watching.

    As for Silverlight, I refuse to install Yet Another Program(tm) that I have to maintain, or cannot use with x browser, or x operating system, or has x problem.

    At this point I have removed QuickTime and RealPlayer, only use Flash with FlashBlock in Firefox, and have the obligatory Sun Java plug-in. I am sure there is a way to remove Media Player as well. I use VLC Player and am happy with it, though it lacks a few codecs, so I just skip sites and files which require them. Hell, I have done without cable TV for two years, I am sure that missing some of these on-line videos will not kill me, either.

    Though sites like Hulu use Flash well, there are far too many sites which require it, as an all Flash website. I cannot use those with OperaMini, and I despise visiting the resource-hogging sites on my laptop -- Flash most often causes the fan on my lapburner to fire up. I skip them.

    And I skip sites which require Silverlight. Sorry, Microsoft, frankly you are a Johnny-come-lately for me. But I guess it does not matter since there are millions of people out there who will install it just to get what they want, not realizing what they really do not need.

    Anyway, I am now rambling.

    Paris, getting my lapburner to fire up and helping me realize what I want is not necessarily what I need.

  15. Eddy Ito

    @AC 19:30

    Obama will care about regular people when he is one. So don't hold your breath. As USCIC with wads of cash ready for his reelection campaign why should he care about you. Oh, let me add that Microsoft was his #3 contributor behind Univ. of CA and Goldman Sachs. The next question is that with Google coming in the #4 spot, will he ditch his blackberry for an android? In short, no surprises then, business as usual.

    "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

  16. raving angry loony


    As per the Microsoft license agreement, I may not (1) work around any technical limitations. Therefore, if the fucking thing isn't working as expected, I'm not allowed to change my settings, because that would be working around a technical limitation. What asshat came up with that clause?

    Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Obama for trying to force people to use proprietary Microsoft products.

  17. Andy Pryke
    Alert Database Down

    I don't know which vendor is going to own up to this one, but right now, look like this:

    "Database Error: Unable to connect to your database. Your database appears to be turned off or the database connection settings in your config file are not correct. Please contact your hosting provider if the problem persists."

    The front page isn't much better - it seems to be lacking CSS and graphics.

  18. Neil Kay
    Thumb Down


    Yep, I too discovered that Ryanair's maps now need Silverlight.

    I booked with Easyjet.

    Nice work there Mr O'Leary.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Who actually cares?

    Let us be honest, the general masses do not give a damn how what they are watching is being broadcast, just that it works and they can watch it.

    They only people that care don't matter to anyone as they are a small minority.

  20. Player_16

    I too won't be watching it on the web.

    I'll use that old-fashioned tried-n-true medium...

    ... television.


  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is rather pathetic. So you all don't like Silverlight because MS make it, and MS is an evil monopoly? But you DO like flash? What the fuck?

  22. Anonymous Coward

    You could moan theres no *nix silverlight support

    Or I don't know: use your amazing OSS skilzzorz to write a bloody OS version. I thought that was the point?

  23. Tom Chiverton Silver badge

    Can't write our own Silverlight

    We can't write our own Silverlight runtime, because as soon as it gets traction MS will release Silverlight 3 and screw it over.

    At least the Flash format is open and documented.

  24. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    @ ..Really?

    Actually, what is really pathetic is you apparently do not have the balls to put your name to your post. For some the issue may be the Evil Microsoft Empire(tm), but for others, which has been stated twice here, it is Yet Another Plugin(tm) to install, maintain, and potentially cock-up your Browser installation.

    I am a little on the fence about a monopoly, frankly. The problem is that with so many different options and so many different sources, we run into Maintenance and Update Overload(tm) in that we have seven different programs from seven different vendors with seven different update cycles and seven different updater tasks running (some constantly) and seven different... well, I hope some see my point. But if you get it all from one vendor, say Microsoft, then all the updates come from One Source(tm).

    Now, Secunia's PSI does a good job of helping with this, though. I certainly do not envy them the task of keeping up with the Massive Updates(tm) available for the programs monitored. Of course, I am sure a lot of them are automated, and so long as the vendors provide a simple interface for determining updates and downloads the program will Work As Expected(tm).

    Paris, she has a simple interface that works as expected.

  25. Pierre

    @ ..Really? And @ Who Cares?

    I don't care about who made the crap, the fact is that Silverlight is so flawed that RealPlayer almost seems secure by comparison. (Also, it's from MS).

    "the general masses do not give a damn how what they are watching is being broadcast, just that it works and they can watch it."

    Yep. The general masses generally don't care about maintenance issues, they don't care if their computers get massively infected by malware and recruited into botnets. What was your point again?

  26. Anonymous Coward


    Google moonlight player---alternative to Silverlight. Works with Firefox and should work with *nix.

    nuff' said.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hey NixTards, Why don't you try Moonlight?

    Irony intended.

  28. Rock Lobster
    Gates Horns

    Very clever actually

    Just think about it:

    Everyone has Flash, nobody has Silverlight.

    Everyone wants to see that stuff, so now everybody will install Silverlight.

    That's a very clever move from Microsoft.

  29. Steve Taylor

    It was a u$oft announcement, guys!

    Nobody is claiming that the inauguration is ONLY being streamed via Silverlight - just the u$oft has released a press statement saying it will be via Silverlight. So what? This wasn't in any way a decision by Obama or his bunch. It's a f-ing advert by u$soft, that's all! Jeeze!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I've rigged up the DVD recorder...

    ... to record it off the BBC.

    There. No need to wreck my PC with $h1tty $oftware.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    What a shame!!!

    'nough said

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