back to article Nokia 6600 Slide 3G mobile phone

While Nokia continues to trundle out heavyweight smartphones like the N96 and N85, it’s also taking care of business down-market with models like the 6600 Slide. Rather than majoring on top-of-the-line, do-it-all gadgetry, the 6600 Slide is a 3G-enabled slider that’s more likely to gladden potential buyers with its smooth …


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  1. Johnny G
    Thumb Down

    nothing new

    Wow - they have released yet another phone that it little or not idfferent to those released 2 years ago!

    All the manufactures seem to have stalled - they haven't released anything new for at least 12 months.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it me or...

    Doesn't the review read just like one for the Nokia 6500 Slide? From the review it sounds identicle apart from the looks and inclusion of Nokia Maps?

    Have to say though it does look a lot sleeker than the 6500. BTW does it still scuff the keypad when you slide the screen up like the 6500 does?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    World wide model number shortage

    I had a Nokia 660 a few years ago. Why are Nokia confusing the world's finest search engines by reusing the same model number for something unrelated? Don't tNokia have any consultant search engine optimisers inhouse to advise them on how stupid this is?

    Paris. Model. Number?

  4. Chronos

    I have a 6600

    Well, OK, it has been "handed down" to SWMBO ...and it looks nothing like this. Are Nokia running out of four figure numbers that they have to re-use models' designations?

    For those that don't recall, the 6600 was one of the first S60 2nd edition models and became quite an icon in its time. Drippypedia link:

  5. Steven Raith


    They did the same thing with the Nokia 6650 - the new one is the 6650d but Google was useless when I last had to search for something on it as it kept referring to the older model.

    Pain in the arse.

    Steven R

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