back to article Optical delusion: Plasmon's ignominious end

A Colorado-based storage systems business, Alliance Storage Technologies, has bought the assets ashes of Plasmon Inc. The deed was done on January 5 and the assets bought from the Silicon Valley Bank of Santa Clara, which had a court authorise the appointment of a receiver when Plasmon defaulted on a $10m credit line from the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bleak outlook

    The point is that they _could_ hold vast quantities of data. And that as time goes by their capacity will increase- and if it was an ideal world it would increase exponentially compared to normal 2D media.

  2. billy no mates

    fair comment

    Thanks for the story

    Its quite well balanced.

    As an ex-employee, being made redundant before Christmas was never great fun but I am glad the products live on (even if it is in the US).

    There was lots of work involved bringing UDO to the market with a lot of dedicated staff.

    As per usual in these situations, someone else will profit from innovation and other peoples hard work ...

    I wonder what happened to the CEO, he seems to have gone to ground

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Funny how these moaners didn't have the chutzpahs to go and find another job BEFORE the company folded.

    I really do feel for these people who are obviously looking for someone to blame which I guess is the current habit. I've been there, bought the T-shirt with the pathetic redunancy pay because I was too naive to see the writing on the wall at the time. C'est la guerre I suppose.

    It's a real pity that they've gone - the support was really really good which is unusual nowadays.

  4. billy no mates

    'bitterness' - no common sense

    to 'bitterness', I am glad you got redundancy pay.

    I didnt, the company folded.

    i.e. no money to pay staff

    people were looking for other lines of employment before Plasmon went down the pan.

    Jobs are not two a penny at the moment in this economic climate.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @billy... you should try living in the 'socialist' EU...

    Over here, if a firm goes bankrupt without money to pay severance and redundancy, you get compensation from the government. Vivé la welfare state, comrades!

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