back to article Nokia ships phone without charger

Selling mobile phones without chargers is an odd idea. But Nokia won’t bundle one with its new N79 Eco phone, part of its aim to become a greener company. The Finnish handset manufacturer announced plans to ship phones without chargers at Nokia World, held back in December, and the N79 Eco is its first attempt. The general …


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  1. Bronek Kozicki
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    good idea!

    who need charger anyway, when mobiles can be charged via USB?

  2. Patrick


    Going on the above statement

    I do not know about you, but i do not leave my PC on all day. So lets all leave our PC's on to charge a Mobile phone. sounds like a winner to me..

    Mines a Core 2 Duo e4700 @2.6ghz 3gb ram two hd 640 and 160 and one blu ray rom and one dvd rewriter and a Geforce 9800gt. sure that might only use a few hundred watts on idle but I save a fiver on a charger..

    Yes I know its not the point but at least I could charge the Phone...

    And the Price. anyone told Nokia I can buy ther mobiles for a £30 with charger LOL...

    Might Have missed the point but thats boring lol.

    Flames cause they could burn more fuel to power my PC to charge my Mobile

  3. bluesxman

    RE: good idea!

    Who? People who don't wish to turn on and be near a computer just to charge their phone. Not to mention people who like their phone to charge in about an hour, rather than about 3 hours.

  4. Matt

    re: Bronek

    Ive always thought that too... usb is such an easy way to juice a small battery device :) and the old adage that 'someone always has a nokia chargre' isnt always true!! but... everyon does have a computer...

    Im all for the dominace of mini usb... i get increasingly annoyed when someone hands me a digital camera that has some bizzare plug, or even worse a plug that looks like mini usb, but is fractionally larger, smaller or odd shaped... companies should save that plug R+D cash and use it for the good of the world.. hell, while im at it MK1 PSP - charges from usb... but not using the freaking mini usb hole... but some sony socket grr...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Works for me.

    I have 3 nokia chargers and 9 spare USB ports on my desk right now.

  6. Simon


    So now if you don't have one, you have to buy an entire new box and charger thus polluting the world even more...

    I'm wondering why we don't make all devices charge from USB too. Just make chargers into usb sockets and you can use one charger to charge -anything-.

    If nokia really cared it would do that.

  7. Robert E A Harvey

    At last

    A nokia that can charge off the usb.

    Took long enough, lads.

    I already have a usb-power adatptor on my internatinal plug converter, one for my car that came with my Ipaq charger, I can use the one that came with my tomtom.

    This move is so self-evident that it is preposterous that we have waited this long. I have been saying for 15 years that the standards authorities should have required phones to have a standard connector to avoid the waste of manufacturing custom power bricks. USB is, de facto, an implimentaiton of this idea. Not as good as a proper international standard (I had in mind 3 mandated connctors for 'up to 500mA', 'up to 8A' and 'up to 24A' that everything - games consoles, laptops, etc would have to use, along with a pair of auxilliary contacts for voltage selection on the larger devices) but welcome nevertheless.

  8. Monkey

    Someone had to take the plunge first...

    ... and Nokia was it. Good idea or bad (and I'm not debating it!), fair play to Nokia for sticking it's neck out knowing it was going to take a lot of shit for the decision, as these comments show. An in store option to buy one WITH a charger would probably be a good idea, but at least a company has finally been brave enough to acknowledge, if nothing else, the waste from all its old chargers.

  9. pctechxp

    A boon for Apple

    As their Ipod charger converts mains to USB voltage

  10. Jason

    1 FitZ all

    If only all manufactures would standardise their chargers.

    Different Battery Sizes on every phone = Different Chargers. New technology every New phone = different chargers.

  11. Big Bear

    Newer USBs can charge when the PC is off

    Laptops that have come out over the last couple of years can have USB ports that can power external device even when the machine itself is off. Caused me no end of confusion when the mouse stayed lit after I shutdown my Asus… then I found the manual, and for the first time ever, opened one, and read that one of the four ports can be used to power externally even when the machine is off, running from the battery or the mains depending on if it is plugged in. Page 3 was a bit pants though.

    Dunno about desktops as I don’t use them at home, but I guess this may not have made it onto them yet, which is a shame.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It just takes one manufacturer to start a revolution

    About time! I applaud Nokia's decision.

    If other device manufacturers (phones, mp3 players, MIDs, netbooks, any gadgets) all follow suit, then we'll only need to buy ONE type of charger for everything. That means if you bought three or four to keep round the house, they should last years.

    It'll lead to the end of the situation where you open a drawer to find a messy heap of 9 or 10 different chargers, with no idea of which one belongs to which device, or even if you still need it.

  13. A J Stiles
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    Not a bad idea

    This really is not a bad idea. Loyal Nokia customers probably already have a suitable charger kicking around (there seem to be about three Nokia chargers for every man, woman and child in the UK). Even those who haven't, probably use a computer from time to time. Modern batteries don't even need to be flattened completely before recharging, so there's less urgency.

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