back to article HP targets compulsory redundancies at EDS UK

HP will start compulsory redundancies at subsidiary EDS in the UK after failing to find enough volunteers willing to give up their jobs. Restructuring as a result of the merger was announced in September. As we reported at the time 633 people put their hands up to leave EDS. An internal email seen by The Register reveals that …


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  1. Harry the Bastard

    mh strikes again

    can we have a Butcher Hurd icon please

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Outplacement - what does that even mean?

    As one of the original 633, I can verify that the statement "HP is also providing staff with an "outplacement service" and counselling." is not true.

    It's been a few months now and they don't call, they don't ring...

    I knew that HP would push through compulsory redundancies, so I thought I'd get out while the going was medium to firm. Unfortunately my gamble did not pay off, but that's my own fault.

    I do pity the people still at EDS who believed the management when they said their jobs were probably safe. I think they will be in for a shock.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Who's he to imply "hey, why not ditch the contractors instead of perms?"?

    Its because HP know that EDS have a shitload of deadwood who need to be canned, while the contractors are more often-than-not generating revenue/actually qualified for their jobs.

    Yes i'm one of them, so may be biased.

    But when i get canned i'll be lucky to get a handshake goodbye, never mind redundancy payment, so don't expect me to weep for them.

  4. Sleeping Dragon


    Any company who uses the word "synergy" should be hung, drawn, quartered, boiled in oil, hung again, then nailed to the highest tree by their eyelids and left for the crows.

    EDS had a bad reputation before HP bought them - the CSA debacle was just too big a cock-up to be ignored.

    I wish anyone looking for work post -EDS the best of luck - don't put them in your work history on your CV.

  5. Gaetan


    I have been let go by EDS/HP last December (Canada). Contrary to your claim, EDS do provide the services of an outplacement agency. I had my first meeting with the agency last Wednesday.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    can't sack too many of them

    A comment is required, in addition to a title.

  7. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Typical, the union leader hasn't a clue.

    "....Peter Skyte, Unite union's national officer for IT, said: "There is limited overlap or duplication of roles in the UK...." Hmmmm, let's see now - two companies, two IT departmnents, two HR departments, two legal departments, etc, etc. I've yet to work for any company where the union actually did something useful and talked sense rather than skimmed a free living off its members whilst talking drivel to the press.

    Trying not to be too depressive, I wonder if the hp figures for staff reductions were precognitive enough to take the downturn into account, otherwise these cuts will just be the start and rolling redundencies will probably be the norm for the next few years. The annoying bit is the waste-of-space union officers have safe jobs as they never get included in redundacy lists. Maybe we should start outsourcing our uninons.

  8. ChrisB

    @AC re "Twat"

    He's a union spokesman - unions don't like contractors because we won't join them and pay loads of union dues to keep their leaders in £200k a year jobs (see today's Times).

    Also why on Earth would you even want more than a handshake if your contract is terminated - surely, as a contractor, that's the nature of the beast?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Twat - Giving contractors a bad name.

    As a contractor why do you expect such things (handshake, redundancy)? It is contractors like you that give contractors a bad name so STFU.

    EDS treat contractors like royalty anyway and allow them to "get away" with blue murder. If that is not bad enough It is also employment law that temps must go before perms........ If I was you I would start looking for a new contract. There are plenty of switched on staff at EDS as well as the deadwood.

    The switched on people.... if selected..... will kick up merry hell with this temps before perms...... AND RIGHTLY SO. So watch out..... a permie is after your job........

    EDS/HP is panicking just like everybody else. They will loose some great people because of this. Hopefully some of the deadwood will be cut away too.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing New....

    HP following their standard policy of getting rid of anyone half-decent and keeping the dead wood! Their product quality and support has really declined over the past few years.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    "synergy targets"

    Wow, that'll make a great new entry for the dictionary of HR cuntspeak:

    synergy targets (n, euph): Mass firings.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    dispersal of EDS staff

    well, its about time .

    i worked at EDS for many years , and would do today were it not for some 'jumped up manager ' who thought he knew everything , but actually new nothing .....

    but boy he could do with the chat >>> to the right people at the right time .

    However , eventually when he wanted the 'prime' position, a higher up guy really shat on him , and >>> hehehehe <<<< he didn't get it .

    But that I suppose is the way of Management UK today ....( jumped up 'jobsworths' )

    so as i started this missive , about time i say , but hopefully, they will take out the 'PRATS' who generally are in the roles of 'Management'

    After all, that's why they were in the position to be taken over .....

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yup, I told you so two weeks ago.

    I happen to know somebody who is aware of government contracts that are being made impossible to fulfil by these irrational cuts. Telling HP the customer isn't going to like it makes one more likely to be dumped. Still, Butcher Hurd will get his bonus, so the UK government can go whistle for its projects, eh? Shareholders matter in America, but customers can forget it...

  14. Ascylto

    EDS = WTF

    On behalf of the British Government, I would like to wish all EDS staff and management a very happy and prosperous New Year. We'll be sad to see them go. Who else can make such monumental cock-ups with a seemingly bottomless supply of taxpayers money. We'll have to find another company which shares EDS capabilities so, for our next database, we're thinking of giving the contract to Mr & Mrs Spigotty of Bromley ... they haven't got a computer, so are likely to be able to give the same level of service competence as EDS.

  15. Splige Clarky
    Thumb Up

    Its not Compulsary Redundancy..

    its Headcount Transformation.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    I worked for EDS until recently and got out before being pushed. Unfortunately its not the support guys that do the bad work its they are given the projects which have not been designed right or has been set up quickly and the fixes they are given are actually just work arounds which dont work properly. They get the bad press for things not being right in the first place.

    I also heard where a team leader's contract was terminated rather than pay him redundancy because he had just got to 60 and they would have had to give him more money for his pension. :(

    So Glad I left

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