back to article iPhone App Store breezes past 500 million downloads

Apple's website today trumpets that "There are more than 15,000 apps on the App Store, and so far iPhone users have downloaded an incredible 500 million, in every category from games to business." Apple announces 500-millionth iPhone app downloaded Approaching McDonald's-hamburger territory While many of those apps have …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This does make me wonder

    Whether they inlude the iPod Touch in these figures. As far as i'm aware its App Store is exactly the same as the one on the iPhone.

  2. Joe K
    Thumb Down

    Come on

    Of course Itouch is in these figures, they're the same thing really.

    I've paid for a few things, Fieldrunners is the most expensive at £3. I have downloaded a great many things, but found them a mere mobile gaming experiences, nothing to replace a DS or PSP. Which is fine, all i want to do is play them while waiting for a train or whatever. But gamings *disasterous* effect on battery life means that any serious gaming use is soon curtailed.

    I want Rolando and Sim City, but £6 is just too, TOO much for a mobile phone game of any calibur. Their rapid fall out of the top 25 paid apps list maybe implies that its too much for others too, and we're all waiting for the inevitable price drop.

  3. Olaf

    Videorecorder & Advanced Camera not on App Store?

    Why aren't Cycorder (videorecorder) and Snapture (Camera with zoom & timer, etc) NOT on App Store? They're probably the best Apps and are FREE but require Cydia (unlocking) to download:.

    Seems like the authors could make a bundle if they included them on the App Store

  4. jai


    if they're Cydia only then it probably means they require using methods that the official dev kit won't allow

    which is an interesting point - i'm sure there was more than one article on El Reg saying about how the restrictive nature of the official apps would hamper the Apps Stores popularity

  5. OrsonX
    Thumb Down

    CRAPplications (the wholel lot)

    'MyRail Lite' excluded (brilliant!)

    Beginnning to wish I'd held out for the Xperia at the moment, as I'm slowly realizing the iBone doesn't actually DO anything.....

  6. Anonymous Coward

    When Apple does good it does really, really good

    A sad fact to consider is that HP iPaq really had a very similar model but it didn't really get up from a very dusty (and overpriced?) shelf.

    As did the iPaq with a SIM card (PDA and phone? Who'd want that?)

    So, what might be the reasons for Apple's success where others have bellyflopped?

    Maybe it is timing?

    Maybe it is across hardware functionality?

    Maybe it is cost?

    Maybe it is marketing?

    Maybe it is a combination of above plus others?

  7. Olaf

    Flash & Battery impact of iPhone Videorecorder Apps

    Although I've noticed NO problems, could Apple be concerned that by approving CyCorder (videorecorder) for their App Store, the door would open for "non-savvy" users to fill their 8GB/16GB iPhone Flash memories with videos causing mass confusion or interfering with other Apps? Or, perhaps Apple wants to avoid widescale free iPhone battery replacements resulting from extensive videorecorder App use. Or possibly authors of iPhone videoerecirder Apps make more $$ outside the App Store via Ads, or have higher altruistic motives (but thy do take ads). However, they do deny many iPhoners (who are afraid to use Cydia) from videorecorder Apps on their iPhones,

  8. pctechxp

    A phone can never be a games console

    Because the power system has to be optimised for its most important battery draining function, radio transmission and reception so I wish the marketing hype would stop as the hardware will never measure up to the claims made.

  9. Jiminy Krikett
    Jobs Halo

    What's on my iPhone?

    Well, this:

    o Shazam

    o Face Melter

    o Google Search

    o Fring

    o Facebook

    o Remote

    o Dynolicious

    o Air Sharing

    o Midomi

    o GraphCalc

    o iDoodle2lite

    o Showtimes

    o Google Earth

    o Moonlight lite

    o SimCity

    o Tioti TV+

    o Barcode

    o NeoReader

    o BrainChallenge

    o Monkey Ball

    o Tap Tap

    o Twitterific

    o FS5 Hockey

    o Brain Tuner

    o BBCReader

    o eBay

    o Animoto

    o Night Stand

    o WiFinder

    Well, you did ask! What do I use most? Shazam, Facebook, Fring & Air Sharing. I have no qualms at all paying up to a tenner for an app/game, assuming it has proper functionality. These /stupid/ apps like iFart, why on earth anyone would pay even 99p is beyond me!!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do they include..

    .. the uypdates in the download figure, because as far as i can see when i update i download the whole app again.

    In that case my 20 apps (19 free) would equate to about 100 or so downloads due to updates.

    Dodgy figures from apple IMO.

  11. D@v3
    Jobs Horns

    RE: Olaf

    I would imagine the main reason why i$ are keeping videorecorder, and advanced camera apps out of their store, is so that they can included them in the iPhone v3 as 2 of the major new features.

  12. Dan Wilkinson

    A title is probably required

    I have quite a lot of apps on my phone (many many more in iTunes that I don't sync ay more). The ratio is probably 4:1 in favour of the free apps. I've downloaded some stinkers, but none that I have had to pay for. My only gripe is that some of the apps should really be part of the phone in the first place (VoiceNotes, MMS, EasyTask, eReader), but as only 1 of these app store fill-ins was paid, I'm still happy.

    Now if only I could REMOVE the Stocks/Weather/YouTube apps....

  13. Ascylto
    Jobs Halo

    Toooooooo much!

    Half a million apps!

    I can't cope with that number to look through. The categories help but ...

    The are a few absolutely great apps. One, for the Vienna transport system, is utterly wonderful.

  14. Tim Bergel

    @Dan Wilkinson

    > Now if only I could REMOVE the Stocks/Weather/YouTube apps....

    Know what you mean ... isn't there a way you can shove them over to the right onto a second desktop which you never see? Not as clean as uninstalling but still gratifying.

    But now I cannot find out how, so this is an empty coat.

  15. Noel Hartshorn

    App piracy

    You'd think with all that money Apple have coming in from the App Store they could afford to invest a little in R&D to put a stop to the rampant piracy/cracking of App Store apps. My app was cracked and widely available within 24 hours of Apple approving it and getting listed on the App Store.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Shiny toy

    An under achieving phone for those easily parted with their money.

  17. Sooty

    freebies should be discounted

    as being free skews the figures, for example i wanted a barcode reader for mine, so i downloaded all 8-9 free apps available, tried them all, kept the best and deleted all the others.

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