back to article Grand Theft Auto V arriving in 2009?

Register Hardware hacks are currently breathing into paper bags having heard whispers that a new edition of Grand Theft Auto could hit consoles this year. According to several online sources, the rumour comes from issue 190 of magazine Game Informer. The title has speculated that a new, full version of the game – rather than …


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  1. Patrick
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    If they get the PC version running smooth then maybe I might consider it.

  2. Iain


    Amen to Patrick's suggestion

    Surely, looking at GTA history, it is more likely they will release new full (as in an equal length) versions of the existing GTA game/engine, just like GTA3 spawned Vice City & SA. Logical from and R&D point of view as well and the excellent 'HD' graphics (for consoles anyway) will surely be satisfactory for at least two years.

  3. bunny evans


    Contrary to the opinion of The Great Unwashed. WE DON'T DRIFT.

    Really. I know this, I've lived here for years and most representations you see in films are totally out of touch.

    Though there are times when I wish they weren't. We could do with some serious remodelling by Godzilla, total armageddon by Devilman and some youkai wouldn't go amiss either.

    If you go up to Akita or somewhere, even grannies drift up there. But *NOT* Tokyo.

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