back to article Google G1 successor spied in video?

A video demonstration of a handset thought to be the G1 Googlephone’s successor has been leaked online. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The seven-minute film opens with a shot of the phone’s front, which clearly shows the name “Dream”. The G1 was developed by HTC, and Dream is thought to have been …


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  1. Mark W

    Just Google Sci-Phone

    And you'll see this is what looks just like a chinese rip-off running Android.

    Don't forget they did

  2. SimonW

    Must be the G2


    a) The battery clearly reads Google Dream G2

    b) Text entry is on screen not with a keyboard - a feature that current Android does not support

  3. Patrick Weber

    this is a real phone, but not the G1 successor

    Have a look at this Engadget Posting: from the beginning of this week!! Old news:

  4. Scott
    Thumb Up

    Looks like a G2 to me...

    ... check 0:30 of the clip - you'll see Dream G2 clearly printed on the inside of the batter slot. It is also printed on the battery too.

  5. Alex


    Is it just me or are people sleepwalking into the arms of the google beast?

    google's not a member of your family.

    nor is it a personal friend of yours.

    their products are not "free" everything costs and with google its your personality profile that your pay with.

    Google are already adding face & voice recognition to youtube and its not going to be long until those same processes are added to your calls.

    don't believe the hype, remember what the price of this gadget is.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This was proved as fake yesterday by Gizmodo

  7. Steve


    The battery definitely has 'Dream G2' printed on it.. not that that proves anything...


  8. Toby
    Jobs Horns

    looks like iphone softwre

    havent seen the G1 android in action, but doesnt some screens there look v. iphone-ish? lke an earl android testing...

  9. Tony

    Battery print...

    Says Dream G2 on the battery?

  10. David Simpson

    Old news

    Come on Register, Engadget already called this a fake days ago, its a sci-phone using a crap os that has had its look copied from Android, crazy considering Android is free for them to use anyway.

  11. Tom

    Battery Pack

    On the Battery it clearly says "Dream G2"

  12. Lucas Vieites

    Definitely a G2

    When they insert the battery, you can clearly see the characters "G2" printed on it.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Did you notice the G2 decal on the battery?

    Jus saying... (Glasses)

  14. Tony


    However, at 7.17 I notice a typo in the Contacts notice alerting the user to an empty 'Contract' list...

  15. Dave Fox
    Thumb Down

    C'mon - it's clearly a fake!

    So obviously a cheap knock off, it's untrue! It superficially resembles Android, but you don't need to get far into the video to see that it isn't.

  16. Richard
    Paris Hilton


    Doesn't look as smooth or as slick as the G1. Plus the stylus is a step backwards.

    Seems more like a port of Android to another device.

  17. K
    Thumb Up

    Definitely G2

    The battery is clearly marked DREAM G2, though I can't gaurantee its from HTC ;)

  18. Fully Groan

    Hmm, Chinglish?

    7m 15s clicks "Contacts" - screen comes back with "My contract is empty". Fishy..

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Not HTC but Chinese manufacturer

    The Chinese characters visible in the film are simplified not traditional characters, i.e. the phone is from MAINLAND China NOT from Taiwan. This phone is not likely to be HTC - it is rather a Chinese clone, something like those numerous 'iFones'. Use of stylus confirms this, the design is low cost. Imagine what happens later this year, when various low-cost Chinese manufacturers enter our market with such clones. So far most customers weren't interested in non-standard phone operating systems and lack of compatibility with typical applications, and stayed away from the good looking Chinese low-costs. But now, with Android, things might change. The case looks similar to PCs from Taiwanese makers years ago. Behold Google's genius

  20. Dan Clarke

    Battery says G2

    Could be wrong but I think it says "Dream G2" on the battery when it gets taken out?

  21. Jon Ward


    Would a G1 prototype say G2 on the battery?

  22. Will

    Is the G1 rubbish

    I know all the open source fan boys rushed out and bought this, simply because it wasn't an iPhone. But is it any good? I've not used one, but from what I've seen, it looks a bit pants.

  23. Mathew White

    Gz china

    Obviously fake, as soon as it goes into the apps the UI is a clone of the iPhone one.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    One way to tell

    Won't someone check if the battery has any markings? That should prove it one way or t'other...

  25. This post has been deleted by its author

  26. Tony Armstrong

    Good Grief!

    It's an obvious ripoff, available from amongst other places!

  27. leexgx


    got the G1 my self now the phone it self is nice with more stuff coming to market lots of toys on there to play with

    the G1 Neeeeeds an bigger battery it does charge fast but never realy get any more then 3-4 hrs out of it when the toys are turnd on (GPS wifi location G3 not even tryed BT yet) allso the CPU or the PMW i guess inside the phone gets warm when been charged or is under any type of load for an short time (bat stays cool) its very intresting these problems was not fixed at the start as its very notisable the to above problems the one below seems to be an problem with the modeling device that makes the back for the G1 white

    the white case has got an design flaw that prevents the case from fully closing around where the SD card is it allso clicks an bit (the part where the USB connector is the back has got to much plastic that stopped the case from fully closing )

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Not Android

    It is not running android.

    It is running Nuleus skinned to look like Android

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