back to article Fantasy author hired to pen Doom 4 plot

The author of a number of well-known fantasy/horror novels has been signed up to help pen the plot for Doom 4. It’s been known for some time that the game’s original creator, Id Software, had planned to make a fourth installment in the first-person shooter series. But the firm’s kept mum about the latest incarnation’s …


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  1. Bad Beaver
    Paris Hilton


    Doom has a story? Really?

  2. jon


    Hurrah for a Brit ! , personally I would of gone for one the writers over at a 2000AD but let's not lynch him before he's made enough rope.

  3. Andy Bright

    'What the f***k does he know about Doom?'

    hahahahahahahahaha.. yes because Doom's storyline is classic masterpiece that could only be continued by, I don't know, anyone that has more than 3 minutes to spare and the ability to scrawl crayon on a piece of paper.

    As the Reg put it. Kill monsters, find keys, open doors, kill big monster. Woah, no one with a mere background in fantasy literature could hope to conjure a sequel to that epic tale of heroic deeds.

    And then there was the heart stirring spin off, about the 8 people that got big fucking guns and jumped around a lot as they tried to kill each other. I would say that no one who hasn't played the game from its very first version would understand such a complex and thought provoking game history. Who can forget the immortal words of one victor "pwned your fucking arse dick weed". Tears are welling up as we speak. I own a first edition hard cover myself, and will probably pass it down to future generations as a family heirloom.

  4. breakfast


    Graham Joyce? Thoughtful author of literate is-it-or-isn't-it borderline-fantasy? Writing Doom?

    It's as though the world has gone mad, but who knows, maybe it will work out to be a very good kind of mad. Thoughtful, literate, are-there-or-arent-there cyberdemons about to gun me down type storylines would certainly make for an interesting departure for the series.

  5. Martin Lyne

    Ahh Doom 3

    You could buy a new computer, hoped it worked.. or just put a cardboard box on your head in a Kinghtmare-fashion and walk around with your mates jumping out at you.

    Didin't play it past the first level as the enemies spawn behind you and it was too dark to see anything. I'm all for atmosphere and story (and I loved the human models in it, and the interfaces) but the gameplay lacked a lot for me. Ditto for Quake 4. Built for the consolers.

  6. Daniel B.

    Doom 3 actually had a story.

    Those of us who played the first Dooms knew there was a story ... vague, but it had one. In fact, someone made a four-part book series based on the story; granted, they explained the Hell demons as "genetic creations" from some aliens to give it credibility, but the series was good anyway.

    Doom3 doesn't even need that. It has a well thought storyline, and the game plays more or less like Half-Life. The only thing I miss is that the original games were set on Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos, while Doom3 is set on Mars itself. Then again, a Mars Base does seem more viable...

    Mine's the one with the blue UAC logo.

  7. Big Pete

    About time

    Having a narrative is what put Half-Life streets ahead of Doom in playability.

  8. Chris

    Doom 3

    I still don't know if Doom 3's plot or gameplay were any good. Perhaps if they'd remembered to include any light sources in the game I'd have been able to tell.

    I still find it hillarious that, in Doom 3, you can either hold your torch, OR your gun. Several times in the game you are reduced to bringing your torch up, finding the slow lumbering zombie in the dark, putting your torch away, pulling out your gun, firing blindly into the darkness, swapping your gun and torch again, only to see the zombie completely unscathed.

  9. galbak


    playing doom, after a hard days work, god mode and chainsaw, or gode mode and rocket launcher. Using a mod to replace the demons faces with people from work, was the iceing on the cake. (and lucrative once people at work found out, and asked me for copies of the modified version, with the managers face on the demons.)

  10. Spoonguard

    No! I must kill the demons

    The radio said "No, John. You are the demons"

    And then John was a zombie.

  11. CurtisB


    I thought the first was written in Shakespeare's own hand, the second by Dickens and the third by H G Wells (as a prequel to the less well known War of the Worlds).

    Who does this guy think he is? I expected someone of the calibre of Salman Rushdie.....

  12. Gareth Irwin


    Dead Space has set the bench mark for me. I think doom has a fell of a hill to climb.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New story line?

    Oh I don't know. Perhaps the 'hero' can kill the daemon hoards and the daemon lord Brown, rescue the dwarf-princess, then get arrested for war-crimes and genocide. That's if he can get a loan from his bank to buy the spaceship/pickup/guns in the first place (seeing as the space marines would probably send him into battle with a banana, a pen-knife, and a pamphlet on 'Know Your Daemon Hoards' due to the latest MOD spending cuts).

    Actually, I suppose all that would depend on whether he gets made redundant from the space marines in the first place.....

  14. Paul Young

    There is a story to DOOM!!

    WTF, I thought it was just KILL everything!

    Now EL Reg, I'm really pissed off...

    1. that I could find my copy of Final Doom in less than 30 seconds

    2. that I couldn't find office or xp disks when i looks yesterday

    Gonna play a few rounds right now, what were the cheats again.....

    ohhh yeah "iddqd" Hmmmm

    Buggered up my Saturday night again EL Reg


  15. Matt W
    Thumb Up

    Duct tape

    Makes Doom 3 the game it should have been. Still playing it now. With a 8800GT it looks marvellous and still makes me jump.

  16. Ed


    There was only 1 thing Doom III needed... MORE AMMO

  17. Richard Jukes


    The books are an amazing read (shocking I know), and I would recommend them to anyone. Its a bit hard to find them tho, only managed to track down the first two myself. As for an author being employed to the write the storyline of doom, I think we will see it more and more as games become not just games but rather 'interactive tales' that we can emerge ourselves in. Computer games have a much biggest retail value and market than films so Im not surprised writers are now being hired.

    BOOTNOTE: I have just tracked down on bought the third and fourth book in the series, yay for ebay!

  18. Chris C

    DOOM3's plot

    Anyone who actually paid attention while playing DOOM3 would know there most definitely was a plot. Was it cheesy? Yeah, a bit, for my taste, but it wasn't exactly designed to win a Pulitzer. Perhaps the overall, general plot was limited (demons from Hell attacking Mars/Earth), but the level of detail that went into the storyline was amazing. Yes, it's an FPS, but it plays like a story, very rich in detail if you pay attention and care about more than simply killing monsters and opening doors. My only complaint was that reading the messages (and especially the unlock codes found in the messages) was extremely difficult on a TV with either composite or S-Video hookup (though I expect that won't be a problem with newer TVs with VGA/HDMI connections).

    As for DOOM4, I don't really see where they can go from here. Perhaps they could use the current worldwide political/war situation to bring about Armageddon, and use that as justification for (or cause of) Hell on Earth.

  19. Steve


    Please got dont make it ha bad as the film doom

  20. David S

    Just in case there's anyone looking for a dose of nostalgia...

    Someone's done a nice Flash version of the Shareware level of Doom 1 here:

    It even has the secret level. Doesn't allow saving, though...

  21. ChrB


    "Kill monsters, find keys, open doors, kill big monster" *is* the story. But why use the God mode?

    idkfa does it all... (How's that? I can still remember it :-))

    Now off to try the flash version...


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