back to article Vodafone next-gen 3G trial hits 16Mb/s

Vodafone has successfully trialled a mobile broadband connection technology that could, theoretically, double existing download-to-phone speeds. Called HSPA+, the technology was tried out on Vodafone’s Spanish network and achieved, the carrier claimed, “actual peak download rates of up to 16Mb/s”. But Vodafone admitted that …


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  1. Arnold Lieberman
    Thumb Down

    Meanwhile in the real world

    Three seem to have throttled my "up to 3.6Mbps" download to 300kb/s, and the upload to 20kbps. Broadband my arse.

  2. pctechxp

    Tech for tech sake

    Noone uses mobile TV or video calls amd mobile broadband isn't as quick as they claim.

    Wake up and smell the stench, people just want a mobile PHONE.

  3. Tom Simnett

    Can we have copper that does this first please?

    And in the real world too, not just theoretical, VM!

  4. Kevin


    It'll probably be a while till you see 21Mb/s phones. The first device that Telstra demonstrated was a Sierra Wireless data card. That's where the 21Mb/s and 42Mb/s market is. It's for wireless broadband, not downloading ringtones.

  5. Maryland, USA

    Upload speeds are the holy grail we can videochat in real time.

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