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Of all the many and varied iPhone challengers out there, HTC's Touch series has probably come closest to the Apple handset in terms of versatility and ease of use. The Taiwanese manufacturer's been churning out variations on the theme with dizzying regularity, in sharp contrast to Apple's one-size-fits-all policy, with small, …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge
    Dead Vulture

    Have you ever seen an original Touch?

    "Viva looks very similar to the original Touch.......... There have been a few improvements since then. There's now a minimum of buttons: a square navpad and call start/stop keys on the front, a power button on top, and an elongated volume rocker on the side. Along with a USB power/headphone combo-socket on the bottom....."

    Takes out Touch. Ahem. Square navpad? Check. Call start/stop keys on the front? Check. Power button on the top? Check. Elongated volume rocker? Ok, give you that, it's a slider here and it sucks. Combo USB socket? Check.

    So, they've changed the volume control and deleted the camera button then? Whoop-de-do for the improvements and all hail the minimalistic lack of a camera button.

    Oh, I'd rather have WiFi than 3G any day. I travel a lot and 3G gives you roaming bills that would cause Croesus to think twice whereas I've never had more than a few minutes' trouble tracking down a free WiFi point to camp on.

  2. Jamie

    One of the things they left out

    is the most important for me to have in a mobile, GPS.

    But then again that is the reason why I pay money to get what I want. Still though I think 240£ may be a bit too steep for the current market. And things are going to get a lot worst.

  3. David Simpson

    Save the trees ? Come on reghistert5

    "fashion-led eco-conscience"

    Do you honestly think a CD with a manual on it is better for the enviroment than a paper manual ?

    More bull-crap spread by enviromentalists with no scientific qualifications or logical abilities.

    Paper is farmed in purpose planted forests, if you want to save virgin forests then stop eating hamburgers, that is main reason they are being cleared for beef farms.

    Stop repeating idiotic nonsense

  4. ruffage
    Thumb Down

    how much?

    £240? Christ! My XDA Ignito didn't even cost that. Hmm recessed screen to collect dust in the corners. Bet it would skim across the water well though.

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