back to article MS punts gaming guide for parents

In an effort to stem the ongoing debate about the effect of violent videogames on children, Microsoft has launched a US website designed to bring parents up to date with consoles. Get Game Smart offers game-classification descriptions and guides for setting up parental controls on consoles the Xbox 360. The site’s ultimate …


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  1. J

    lest we forget

    ...that it was playing a video game that led to little Jimmy shooting his parents. Not the easy access to the hand gun, or the century of 'right to bear arms' dogma that gets preached across the US. If the kid this story refers to had never played a video game in his life; he would have had some other entertainment system taken away, would have still broken into the safe and still shot his parents.

    Ultimately, if the parents had raised their child with some common sense and respect they wouldn't have been shot.

    Of course; given how many children are so poorly raised by their parents these days; they really should be worried. This initiative by M$ will fall on deaf ears, but at least noone can accuse them of not trying.

  2. William Andrews
    Gates Horns


    MS is a bunch of kiss-asses to parents

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