back to article Intel profits sink 90% in Q4

Investors had time to brace themselves for Intel's atrocious fourth quarter earnings, since the chip maker warned of revenue drops twice in the past three months. That's why Chipzilla's profits plummeting 90 per cent in the quarter was actually in line with Wall Street's dismal estimates. The company reported net income of $ …


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  1. MacRat

    Still a Profit

    $8.2 Billion in revenues with better than break even is nothing to sneeze at.

    Unlike other companies that are under water for the quarter.

  2. filey


    The reason is all the hard cost-cutting, designed mostly to give AMD a hard time

  3. Matt


    I wish I could look at billions of $ in revinue as a bad year! :)

  4. Doug Glass

    New Name

    I guess "Chipzilla" is now "Chipfizzle".

  5. Anonymous Coward

    What about AMD

    If Intel is suffering this badly (it's all relative, the revenue looks great), what about AMD who are said to have lost the plot the last 18 months or so ? When are their results out...

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