back to article Phones don't cause eye cancer, finds study

Despite scare stories about developing a uveal melanoma - eye cancer, to you and me - from prolonged mobile phone use passing us by, a study’s confirmed that there’s no link between the two. Researchers at the Martin Luther University in Germany studied the mobile phones usage patterns of the 1653 people, of which 459 had …


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  1. Paul


    But how can you be SURE.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    studies do need to b done, however...

    just last night, i was chatting to a couple who are moving to the country to 'get away from wi-fi radiation'. naturally, the decision was made for the sake of their kids, the mother having swallowed some pretty skewed journalism courtesy of eco-scare-doom-mag, the ecologist.

    being a fairly cynical person i asked to read the article, wherein i discovered that a baby monitor can produce more microwave radiation per unit area than a wi-fi router (baby monitors are generally very close to the baby) and almost as much as a mobile phone directly against the cranium. leaving the obvious nonsense assumption that there is less radiation in the country aside, i wonder whether they will be getting rid of their mobiles and baby monitor any time soon? i rather doubt it. if people were really that worried about the long term effects of electromagnetic radiation THE SCIENTISTS and THE GOVERNMENT could do a lot worse than banning visible and ultraviolet light, genuinely proven causes of skin cancer...

    it is a shame that many people are more inclined to trust hack journalists with an axe to grind (FACELESS MULTINATIONALS WANT TO KILL US ALL) than our own brains and judgement...

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