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A computer backup recovery firm claims Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Acer, and others have aped its patent for quickly restoring a PC after data corruption. Xpoint Technologies is headed by David Wang, credited for the allegedly infringed upon US patents and claimed member of the original team that developed the …


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  1. Nicholas Ettel


    And, as any proper nerd knows, the only way to assuredly get rid of a troll is to hack it into smaller bits and light them on fire.

    "Trolls are infamous for their regenerative abilities, able to recover from the most grievous of wounds or regenerate entire limbs given time. Severing a troll's head results merely in temporary incapacitation, rather than death. After cutting off a troll's head or other limbs, one must seal the wounds with fire or acid to prevent regeneration. Because of this, most adventurers will typically carry some sort of implement capable of creating fire."

  2. James O'Brien
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    Never heard of them

    Trolls abound. Why wait this long to say anything? money hungry assholes

  3. Tom

    Not a true Troll

    This is a company that has developed and sold a working system.

    A True troll is just a lawyer(s) who buys up questionable patents cheap so they can sue companies in the hope that they will be paid to go away... They never develop anything but lots of bits of paper. They are most common in Texas but have been seen in other parts of the world.

  4. Em

    Not a troll

    I don't think its fair to call these guys trolls. After all, they have a business that has been licensing this technology as viable product and gave good-faith demonstrations of it to the likes of Intel / Dell / HP.

    To me a troll would be where someone is granted a patent or buys a patent where its obvious that the won't be making a real product but they want to extort from existing users of the 'patent'.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Do this guys understand prior art?

    This is nice joke, right?

    They filed for patent in 2002 and HP had product on the market in 1999? Just a quick Google search returns this press release:

    You just have to love these patent trolls...

  7. Jay Jaffa

    Shower of C++unts

    I've arrived. America deserves these litiigous monkeys. When the Chinese take the place over for debt default they'll start a new era of real competition - which Troll lasts the longest in the noon-day sun. Tenko for C++unts. Wake up & start working

  8. Alan Dougherty


    I remember old tosh laptops having a partitioned recovery drive from OEM setup, to restore without needing to use supplied discs.. timeline would be around 1995(ish)..

    Damn I miss tosh lappy's.. you could kick them down the stairs, then jump on them after.. and still they would laugh at your futile attempts to get a warranty claim. Even had a BBC reporter come to us to fit more RAM to his 'hardened' tosh.. just a pity we couldn't physicaly open the metal armoured case to do the job.

    It is irrelevent that these guys have a working business model.. as there is far too much prior art to validate the patent. That's why everybody they have been in contact with has looked at it and went.. 'no thanks'..

    They might not look like trolls, but I bet their offices are still under a bridge.. and they just can't help but jump out every now and then (like when banks cancel their overdrafts)...


  9. s

    Vista does this?

    So why can I only recover a Vista system backing using my original Vista install disk and running the 'Restore' option? Surely if it was a second OS I wouldn't need to do this...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Aren't Vista backups made to a separate volume that doesn't contain a secondary OS? Aren't the restores made by booting into Win RE off the installation media, which is technically still Vista, and has existed since XP as Win PE?

  11. Daniel B.


    I think these guys are talking about Norton Ghost. Or Powerquest PartitionMagic. Both of which have been out far longer than 2002.

  12. Jord
    Paris Hilton

    Sorry, it's Friday....

    Ha ha, 'Wang'.....

    My apologies. I've already checked out for the weekend.

    Paris because I STILL can't get over or believe her 'only two guys' comments....

  13. Roger Heathcote
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    Sanity vs Software Patents.

    Exhibit 1: These stupid fuckers.

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