back to article Google opens heart, Apps to channel

Google pulled another hair from Microsoft’s slightly balding scalp today by signing up IT resellers to sell the web kingpin’s online applications to biz customers. Authorised resellers will be able to flog, customise and support premium versions of Google Apps, from the end of March. Up to now Google has been selling its …


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  1. Daniel Harris


    For me online word processing etc is a no no. Just not reliable or stable enough. What if I want to work on a computer without internet access?

    Also its much more likely to crash and burn that MS Office or Open Office when running on the machine itself.

  2. David S

    Shurely shome mishtake

    "...especially when Google Apps still, occasionally, has a nasty habit of plummeting ingloriously back to earth with a thud."

    FUD, surely?

    I kid. I've used Google docs as a handy-dandy tool for collaboration with clients across many domains; it's got its purposes and for some it's ideal. It still seems a mite too flaky to utterly replace local WP, though.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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