back to article Fake plane death businessman cuffed in Florida

The US financial advisor who attempted to fake his own death in a light aircraft crash has been arrested at a Florida campsite following an apparent suicide attempt, CNN reports. Marcus Schrenker, 38, left Anderson, Indiana, on Sunday in a Piper PA-46 en route for Destin, Florida. Over Alabama, he sent a distress call saying …


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  1. Robert Grant


    That's the story of a miserable man.

  2. Doug Southworth
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    The only real trajedy that he didn't actually kill himself. What a moron.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    call me cynic

    But whenever I hear 'canoeing accident' I think 'fake death'.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is just a simple fact that...

    ...some folk are just not detail people.

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    I find it reassuring

    It's good to know that even at the peak of my twattishness I'm not as much of a twat as some consistently are for years. It seems he (and several others) relied on an ever-growing market to avoid getting caught from defrauding their clients. There is no 'god', but the recession seems to be serving up[ Judgement Day for these theiving scum. My sympathy for his poorly wrists ain't much.

  6. Anonymous Cowherd

    This only reinforces

    my determination to get that pilot's license.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    If his alleged thefts/fraudulent activities were as well executed as his fake death plot, he's well and truly screwed.

    Paris - because the phrase 'poper fucked' can be applied to them both.

  8. Julian Browne

    I don't get it..

    .. he tried to fake a plane crash. Ok, with you there. Not a great plan, what with the non-imploded windscreen and clear evidence that he'd bailed an' all, but still, let's call that bad luck that the plane was spotted before it crashed.

    Then he rolls up at someone's house having had a canoe accident? Was that like an insurance policy? So he thought that if he got away with it he would go down in history as the unlucky bloke who's plane windscreen imploded, cutting him up, and having tried valiantly to keep the plane flying he accidentally falls out the plane door, into an abandoned canoe which then takes off into death rapids.. except then he's seen at someone's house.

    Nope. Don't get it. Wasn't he just a bit loopy?

  9. Peyton

    Frozen assets?

    I think the whole point of this affair was that he doesn't have any assets.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Doesn't he know you're supposed to dissappear over the ocean? Like that Kennedy guy?

  11. Dave in the States
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    Obviously wasn't a suicide attempt...

    If he really intended to kill himself he wouldn't have bothered with the 'chute when he exited the plane.

    BTW, a dumbass icon is needed.

  12. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Obviously wasn't a suicide attempt...

    I figured it was a faked death attempt, and when that failed, he made a suicide attempt. No?

  13. druck Silver badge

    And they gave him a PPL?

    I can't believe anyone with enough upstairs to get a pilots licence would have made such a pathetic attempt at faking their own death. The two fundamental requirements are to install a vagrant of approximately the same build and appearance in the left hand seat, and make sure the plane is in a steep drive from altitude before bailing out.

  14. Gary
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    Too bad his 'chute deployed

    It's idiot morons like these that give a bad name to general aviation. To pull a stunt like that after 9/11, you know some loser politician is going to use that as an excuse to make flying worse for everyone. I only wish his parachute failed to deploy when he jumped out.

  15. Paul Corbett


    Its all down to not thinking it through.

    1. When the plane crashes there will be no body !

    2. What happens if i bail and land in the water (canooing accident - hahahah)

    Should have flown over the sea, had life raft ready (non-gps emergency beacon variety), NOT sent the radio message, turned auto pilot off (OR arrange to have Forgot to fill the bloody plane with fuel ?)

    Could have bailed practically over the shore and left the plane to crash miles out to sea.

    Basically he's a Moron.

  16. sath


    I have to pity this unlucky duck's lack of originality regarding being in a canoeing accident when it would of been wiser just to disappear into the swamps after crashing his plane into a canoe. If he's somehow found in the swamps alive then he can claim he's a clone and his actual self did indeed die in the flames and has tragically become BBQ Gator feed, so he can rejoin society and technically get the life insurance payoff he so desperately desired. But what do i know?

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