back to article AVG snaps up behaviour-based threat detection firm

AVG, the net security firm best known for its free-of-charge anti-virus tool, has bought anti-ID theft software firm Sana Security. Financial terms of the deal, announced Tuesday, were undisclosed. In a statement, the firms said that Sana’s behavioural threat detection will dovetail with AVG’s signature and heuristic-based …


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  1. Colin Millar

    can we have a full list

    Of those firms using the wisdom of crowds - so we know who to avoid

    The problem with the wisdom of crowds is that they aren't wise - just instinctive. -'show them what they expect to see and they will embrace it' gets em every time

    As for cloud computing techniques - is there some less vague information as to what this means?

  2. Iain

    Mob mentality

    "wisdom of crowds" - to add to Colin's comment above, I was under the impression that the inteligence of a crowd was equal to the IQ of its stupidest member divided by the number of people present. And there are some pretty dumb people on the net.

  3. Pat Bitton

    AVG's US presence

    Just a quick note - the Sana acquisition gives AVG a presence in Silicon Valley; the company has had a US office on the East Coast for a number of years.

  4. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Re: AVG US presence, and Flash

    @Pat Bitton, Yup, AVG's office recently relocated to Orlando, FL. Close enough to make a visit (I think they liked the location after the Reseller Road Show came to Disney a few years back!)

    And Flash MISTAKEN as a virus? Maybe it meant as a virus PORTAL. Of course, I guess that might depend upon which version. Or not.

    Paris, another virus portal.

  5. Bastard Sheep

    Mob vs. bot. Attack of the TLA's.

    The problem with mob mentality is it can be and all to often is overwhelmed by a good PR/advertising campaign and online is also easily overwhelmed by bots. Malware creaters don't exactly care for legitimacy so if/when they can get their own bots onto the cloud to influence scores, they will do so.

  6. b166er

    Service Pack 2

    Got an e-mail from AVG warning of the impending SP2 for AVG 8 and yet another reboot :(

    It seems that 1 of every 5 updates needs a reboot and servers are not exempt!

    Hopefully this patch will reduce the need for soo many reboots, otherwise we'll be taking our business elsewhere.

  7. Ru

    Re: Mob mentality

    Intelligence is not the same as wisdom, as any nurd kno.

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