back to article G1 app stops drivers from texting

If you’re worried your son or daughter is speeding around town in the family saloon and simultaneously tapping away on their G1 Googlephone, then rest easy. Because an Android platform application’s been developed that prevents texting when driving. textecution Textecution blocks text messaging on moving phones Although …


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  1. Yorkshirepudding

    i sense a problem

    what if your jogging and texting? or even running and texting? no good for jack bauer that!

    mines the one with the gps jammer in it

  2. Jon Hume

    Is it just me or ...

    .... is this possibly the most fundamentally flawed idea in the history of anything? Nonsense ...

  3. Yamthief
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    What if you're the passenger? I'm with Jon, it's another nonsensical app that will fall on it's face.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Kinda seems pointless, if you want to text while driving you wont install the app or could uninstall the app, not only that what if you on a bus, etc

  5. Dean


    Have they ever tried texting on a G1?

    Due to the layout, texting pretty much requires two hands to hold/text comfortably, not to mention you'll need to look where the keys are and read the tiny font on screen.

    I'd say it's pretty much impossible to text while driving with a G1, unless of course you've a spare pair of hands and eyes..

    Might be a little different when the 'cupcake' update is released giving a soft keyboard though.

  6. Tom Simnett

    Perfect for Britain!

    You should know by now that the average speed in the UK is about 7mph, and that trains don't run, and that buses are slow. Therefore, the app is useful only if you're outside of the UK....

    Mine's the one with a tube map in the pocket. Because that's a surefire way of stopping you using your phone for anything.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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