back to article New chip aims HD video at iPhone

England's Imagination Technology, designer of the PowerVR MBX hardware that powers the iPhone and iPod Touch, has announced its latest and greatest graphics processor IP core, the PowerVR SGX543. The four-pipeline SGX543 is the first iteration of Imagination's fifth-generation Series5XT architecture and is "available in both …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    One for the netbooks or ...

    maybe even an Apple Mac netbook (McNetbook?)

  2. E

    HD means what?

    Doesn't HD mean 1080p or 720p? If so what good is HD on an iPhone with it's less than 720 pixel vertical resolution?

  3. Rik Myslewski


    HD means what?

    How 'bout an external? And, while we're dreaming, how about a roll-up, flexible OLED?

  4. vincent himpe

    not unless

    the iphone gets a 1920x1080 pixel 32 bit color display and a whopping magnifying glass....

  5. John

    A Mac Tablet using the iPhone OS maybe

    Personally I would love one of these as I use my iPhone for casual web surfing and email but things like books and reading documents is a bit fiddly.

    With a larger screen (screens that could be driven by this) it would really be a sweet little device. Maybe nothing more than a niche but very cool.

    That said I suspect this will be mostly for games on the "next" iPhone.

    btw - check out the Palm Pre, finally it looks like the iPhone has competition.

  6. jubtastic1

    Re: not unless

    Or a new Dock with a Display port and magsafe power port so you can hook it up to one of those new 24" Cinema Displays, enable a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you have a Desktop computer for home / office tasks that's a phone when you're out and about.

    Don't think this will happen until the competition catches up though.

  7. Farai


    they'll probably do that iPhone-into-the-side-of-a-cinema_display trick and you'll carry your iPhone around as your low-powered mobile compute device...

    The OpenCL would ensure that it responds pretty well and handle most low-power tasks thrown at it. Combine that with MobileMe and, and you're fully connected and mobile.

  8. deadbeef

    Apples answer to Nvidia Tegra chip?

    I suspect that this is something to compete with Nvidia's Tegra chip with HDMI to a HD display.

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