back to article Intel answers AMD Neo with 'ultrathin' laptop chip

Intel is reportedly cooking up a mobile processor designed for a new category of mobile platforms that is quite similar to what AMD announced just last week. From the Consumer Electronics Show, Cnet reports that Chipzilla will release a new Core-architecture processor for laptops that fits somewhere between low-end netbooks …


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  1. Christopher Ahrens

    Everythings good except...

    I've been seriously considering buying a netbook, but the are just so expensive for the Features you get, I know they're meant for web / e-mail, but I've had a PDA that can do that for year, and at half the cost when it was new, hopefully Intel and AMD can work to make a CHEAP netbook, that's where the money really is. Although what I'd really like to see would be a bigger-than-a-smart-phone-smaller-than-a-laptop tablet, something about 7-8" that can run XP / Windows 7 respectably, which might be doable with current chips.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Next wee thing?

    I can't see much future in most of the present stock of netbooks purely because of the poor image quality.


    + most people have access to or seen a hi-res computer screen (in form of mobile phone)

    + mobile phones and tv's and 'pooters and laptops and ... seem to be ploughing into higher-res devices as ongoing product development

    - so why consider a device with poor screen resolution?

    Maybe a niche market that will remain niche unless it evolves quickly?

    If the intel or AMD or both are in the process of upping resolution well that seems good?

  3. Adam


    That would be the OQO then.

    Probably a bit more than you want to pay but I want the moon on a stick for £12.99.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "but I want the moon on a stick for £12.99".....

    Tried eBay...sure someone in Nigeria has one kicking around....

  5. al

    Ultrathin ?

    hmm... where have I heard this word before ?

  6. Britt Johnston

    Portable niche morphology - anyone for cheap & nasty throwaways?

    The main criteria affecting portable price used to be size and performance, but both are good enough now. The main purpose of these cheap CPUs is to justify a higher price for standard multi-core ones.

    Size doesn't really affect cost, as all screens from postcard to office folder have similar pricing. So vanity portables are going the way of gold-plated iPods and Swarovski-studded accordions. Your idea of stamp-sized "notebooks 'that are less than one inch' " is unlikely to catch on - plug in a touch-screen mp4 player, a keyboard, a fuel cell and a DVD-drive perhaps?

    The performance is related to CPU speed, but now all CPUs are fast enough to manage portable office use, unless they are stuffed with a multi-megabyte OS. Perhaps we should be paying a premium for a sleek OS running in a small cache.

    The medium-priced, medium performance call reeks of compromise and deserves to succeed.

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