back to article Chrysler turns on Circuit at Detroit Motor Show

Chrysler seems determined to forge ahead with plans for an electric fleet if its presentations at the Detroit Motor Show are anything to go by. First on show was the final design of the two-seat Dodge EV coupé, now officially called the Circuit. It may be an electrified Lotus Europa underneath but in its new corporate Dodger …


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  1. E

    Gettin' a bit better

    At least they don't all look like moon buggies.

  2. Rippy

    Panoramic Multimedia Touch Screen

    "All vehicle functions ... are managed via a panoramic multimedia touch screen" -- goodness gracious, another immersive interface to hold drivers attention while they negotiate a roundabout. At last the Windows design paradigm comes to the automotive industry.

    And people are whining about drivers texting? Ain't seen nothin' yet.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Some good stuff on the way

    Despite the misinformed bashing that Detroit auto makers frequently receive, they have some good products and more on the way. GM's hybrid Caddy SRX gets 20 mpg city, which is very good for a 6,000 lb. SUV. Ford's new Mustang and Dodge's Challenger are very cool. GM has the new Camaro coming in a month or two. Chrylser seems to be well along on numerous electric and hybrid vehicles. GM actually offers more 30+ mpg models in the U.S than Honda or Toyota.

  4. Martin Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Detroit not quite got it then?

    So a Tesla clone for the PR and a mid level rep-mobile with enough 'hybrid' in it to count toward any tax breaks while being very careful not to get the customer interested in any sub-compacts with their sub-compact profit margins.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    "GM's hybrid Caddy SRX gets 20 mpg city, which is very good for a 6,000 lb. SUV. "

    "This pile of crap only smells like horseshit, not bullshit, which is pretty good for a pile of crap."

    20mpg!? I'd tell you to get lost but you probably don't have enough petrol to drive that far.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not everyone can afford a $100K Tesla roadster

    Seems to me there is a lot of good new vehicles starting to come from Detroit. While the Tesla Roadster is fast and cool, it's not a practical everyday vehicle for most people. In addition the $110K price tag makes it inaccessible to most people. Chrysler's models look like mainstream products.

  7. PunkTiger


    A long-range compact or sub-compact EV is a bit more tricky to produce than a mid-sized vehicle, mainly because of the batteries. You have more room in a mid-size vehicle to store all the batteries needed than you do in a sub-compact design. Well... you could have as many batteries, but you wouldn't have any usable boot/trunk space... and possibly no back seat... and maybe no passenger seat.

    That being said, I, too, am waiting for a compact or sub-compact EV that has a decent range and able to do (US) highway speed without breaking into a sweat. I'll even go for an extended range vehicle (you know, the ones with the petrol-powered electric generator). I'm willing to give auto makers some slack on this. They've only seriously started to produce electric vehicles in the past couple of years, and they're still trying to get the technology right. (Yes, I know of the EV1, thank you.)

  8. ian
    Gates Horns


    At least one part of the UI remains the same: the steering wheel. Has anyone patented that yet? If so, they should sue Detroit for infringing the look-and-feel.

    And yes, that is a Microsoft strategy.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bill Gates blows

    Just wanted to make sure everyone was clear on this issue when they buy a new vehicle with Microsucks "entertainment".

  10. TeeCee Gold badge



    I've got absofuckinglutely no idea what one of these really is*, but I call for the banhammer on this term. Now. What is it about the septics that they can't do anything even vaguely innovative without coming up with a whole appendix to the lexicon of shite neologisms to describe it?

    *Which is sort of the point. What's the reasoning behind dreaming up a shite buzzword if the result doesn't leave the reader any the wiser as to WTF it's describing?

  11. Mike Groombridge

    Bah where's my hydrogen car

    I'm sorry i agree with topgear on this hydrogen fuel cells are the way to go here oil/petrol station companies will fight this to the end but if you give then some other form of business they can change to it'll help them and they will back it

    plus range/recharge issues go away at this point as hydrogen can be refueled in a simalar way to natural gas cars. so some petrol stations already have the kit. so no recharing it at work /increased drain on national grid etc etc

    yes iknow there is the whole storing hydrogen problem and the producing it to but some one will get that down sooner or later

    hmm maybe a combination of hydrogen long hual vechiles and battery cars for every one else. may work.

    mines the one with the honda clarity brochure in the pocket

  12. Bo Pedersen
    Thumb Up

    At least its a start

    although claiming 20mpg city is good, shows that the US still has far cheaper fuel than us in the UK.

    I love the dodge, now a Leccy mustang would be perfect!

  13. Parax

    and they wonder why the car industry is in trouble?

    what Chrysler think:

    uConnect features

    PMT screen


    Thank God they are going Bust and will save us from this TOSH!

    Flames so they can burn in marketing hell..

  14. null
    Thumb Up

    A Step In the Right Direction

    This is exactly the kind of car I envision to be the next generation. It'll use an alternative fuel source and be information-centric. I'm really not sure an old dinosaur of a company can pull it off though. I was expecting a few start-ups on the premise of building a next generation car with next generation manufacturing processes and without the bullshit cost of running union shops. Oh, how'd I'd love to see the UAW finally put out of business. We'll see what happens.

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