back to article Asus Eee keyboard specs tip up on the web

Asus’s Eee keyboard received lots of attention at CES last week, despite the lack of published specifications. Now more juicy details about the keyboard that merges a PC with a touchscreen have been uncovered. Asus_Eee_Keyboard_02 Asus Eee keyboard was first seen at CES last week We already knew the keyboard has a 5in …


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  1. Adam
    Thumb Down

    Why bother?

    I'm not sure I see the point of this. You're going to need a full size screen anyway. Why not cut out the computer part and just use of of those little USB screens like that one from D-Link.

  2. Rob


    Can it be used as an actual keyboard on an existing system?

  3. KenBW2

    I vote for an official El Reg name for this

    The EeeBoard

    See what I did there?

  4. Tom

    its come full circle

    Better yet, I'll dig out my old c64...

  5. Chris James

    Another improvement?

    Why not build in a pico projector with an optional screen of the sort that folds up like a car child's sunscreen?

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