back to article LG KC870 cut-price 8Mp cameraphone

LG’s making a habit of this. Having taken touchscreen phones into the mass market with the release of the Cookie, the maker of the upscale Renoir is now aiming to do the same with eight-megapixel handsets, with the help of its more affordable KC780. LG KC780 LG's KC780: eight million pixels on a budget Unlike the Renoir …


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  1. Geeks and Lies

    nice phone....

    Doesnt want to make me ditch my C905 though! Might consider it for the missus though as a cheaper option to mine! We need a "Meh" icon Reg!

  2. Sam Turner

    8Mpixels 8 schmegapixels.

    The resolution of the lenses on these cameraphones renders anything above two or three megapixels entirely redundant ... apart from as a tool for selling more flash memory. The genuinely cut-price way to an 8MP cameraphone is to buy a second-hand 3MP cameraphone and then invent a few million extra pixels with some freebie image software.

    If the size of your penis needs some numerical compensation, you could always scribble 16MP on the case of the phone with a glittery pen.

  3. A

    Reg mobile reviews

    There are a few additional things I would like to see in your reviews:

    Firstly a specifications table for the handsets would be useful, so we can see at once whether the phone has the features we want/need. Not vital, but it would be nice.

    More importantly I really want to see photo/video taken with the phone; what's the point of reviewing a camera phone without showing us the picture quality? It's not as if these will be huge files...

  4. Richard
    Thumb Down

    Where's the example shots?

    A cameraphone review, but with no images taken by the camera, despite this being the main / only feature considered in the review. Poor show El reg...

  5. Alexis Vallance


    8 megapixels is redundant if it's not coupled with a decent lens.

  6. Bill

    Wake me up when these manufacturers...

    realize that in order to make a "serious" camera phones they need to include Xenon flashes on them. People do take photos at night and in dimly lit areas, you know.

    Off to purchase a Samsung G810 in a few days....

  7. Rob Foster
    Thumb Down

    Cut Price ?

    £300 for a PAYG phone is NOT cut Price !!

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