back to article Sony Vaio P netbook taken for a spin

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  1. Roger Williams

    Cute, but why bother with WIndows?

    " up quickly and easily to a unique operating system..."

    Heh. Can I get one with just the "unique operating system", and skip Vista altogether?

  2. Bad Beaver

    Can't wait

    to see how this performs with OS X on it. It's the nice.

    Oh, and I would love to see some more "content" in these videos, more than just another underage marketing drone (did they kidnap this one on the way home from school?) oozing out its spin. If they claim the keyboard is nice, it would be sooo informative if you actually put the thing down, typed a couple of sentences and let us know about your feelings, you know... otherwise these vids would be pretty worthless.

  3. Ryan Barrett

    Bezzle's bigger than the screen....

    ..shame, it looks like they could have crammed an 10 inch screen in there, or made it a couple of inches thinner/shorter.

  4. Robert Moore
    Thumb Down


    Over priced crap.

  5. Richard

    900 dollars!

    oh poop.

    Gorgeous machine and really good specs for a netbook but its just a shame about the price ... actually considering the 3G option then it might be worth a punt on a £40/month carrier subscription if it came "free".

  6. Matt


    I WANT, I WANT!!!

    $900 - if that equates to £4-500 then one of thems mine!! :D

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Battery Life ?

    Weight ?

    Cost in £ GB

    Was that a "quick boot" in 120s - what's the Vista boot time then ?

    Runs Vista - needs horsepower, graphics chip ? Heat ?

    That said, it really looks nice ! Not sure it's worth £500 but a few execs will want one, for "corporate use" obviously !

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sony seem to have missed the point of Netbooks

    They've got the size right (sort of, I hate those nipple mouse pointers) but at that price it's too expensive for a Netbook and too small/limited as a proper laptop. Sony's various hardware divisions don't seem to be having much luck lately, what with the PS3 nosediving and TV sales plummeting.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The droid tells you (twice) it's "1.4lb". And it's "under 20 seconds", not "120 seconds".

    Boasting about its eight inch *diagonal* screen is about as honest about counting individual colour sub-pixels as entire pixels: the screen's so un-square the area is far less than you'd think from that figure.

  10. Marc Goldman
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    Scary UK pricing....

    Matt, $900 doesn't come close to £400 to £500 according to Sony.

    I know the dollar to pound has got worse, but we're pretty much back to the dollar = pound syndrome for conversion. The base model in the UK starts at £850 and goes up to a whopping £1369!

    Have a look at the Sony style site where you can pre-order for a mid Feb release:

  11. Chika


    "$900 - if that equates to £4-500 then one of thems mine!! :D"

    Chances are they will probably go for the £=$ option. Even if you are right, this doesn't compare well with some of the other netbooks out there, possibly because of what it needs inside to actually run Vista. I'd wait for a more detailed spec and a few benchmarks first before shelling out.

    Actually, the keyboard reminded me of the Tandy Colour Computer keyboard. Odd, that. ;)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Under 20 seconds" - I heard "one twenty seconds". I must be getting deaf in my old age.

    I missed the 1.4lb, I guess I'm not used to hearing mass (or even weight) mentioned in Imperial any more.

    It does look nice, however, to run Vista I reckon it's going to require significant resources which means, with such a small size, it might get hot and not have fantastic battery life. Let's see what the first proper reviews are like.

    If Sony want to promote a new product, they should be innovative and capture the viewer's attention - here is an example - watch the video:

  13. Paul

    Sony time travel included?

    "$900 blah....These are shipping the beginning of February, get yours today"

    Er, well, do I get Februarys lottery numbers as well? if so I'll take 2! (ones a present)

    I'm wearing my coat, its freezing in here.

  14. Adam Harris
    Paris Hilton

    Manufaturers trying to take control

    It seems like the manufacturers are going a little bit crazy with the whole netbook market.

    I'm amazed at how many "high-end" netbooks I've seen at CES this week, from the Sony at $800 to the HP Vivienne Tam at $600.

    Even Asus are in on the act with tablet and gaming models.

    The disappointment for me has been the lack of updates on the SCC side of things, the next £199/£249/£299 models, and that Samsung didn't showcase the NC20 (as had been rumored).

    Paris as maybe she'd heard of Vivienne Tam before the show.

  15. Andrew Moore


    Everything he says 'Vaio' it sounds like 'Vile'. Which about sums up all of Sonys computer offerings.

  16. Adrian

    History repeating itself

    That's a Spectrum ZX-80 keyboard.

  17. John


    I guess he didn't take learnings from grade school english class :)

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