back to article Samsung boffins demo transparent OLED screen

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  1. Mr Floppy

    HUD for the car

    If that bird comes on and starts doing those exercises on the HUD, that will be quite a distraction not matter how transparent the screen is.

  2. Steven Pemberton

    You already covered the folding screen in November

  3. Andrew
    Thumb Up

    OLED. The future of everything that displays something!

    That it pretty damn smart stuff. Sci-fi fiction coming true slowly.

  4. Robert Grant

    Your heard it here first!

    Wait til they start stacking them to make 3d displays. That could be cool.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So, does journalism just consist of posting videos these days ?

    My employer has obviously blocked the videos, so bang goes a whole bunch of "articles" here at the Reg then.

  6. Joe

    The see-through screen...

    ...has an interesting choice of video on it!

    Perhaps they could be used as a sex aid, fitted as the lenses of glasses?

  7. Anonymous John

    Transparent OLED screen?

    I've already got several. They're called windows.

  8. James


    Two apps spring to mind,

    Touch phones where you touch the back of the screen, makes it very easy to hit the exact spot you want, even with sausage fingers.

    Wearable 3d goggles, so that you are not completely cut off from the outside world. This leads to spy style glasses although but pretty obvious when in use

  9. Scott

    'Seamless display'

    Yup, totally seamless. Except for the very obvious dark seam in the middle of the display.

    Ok, so I know it's probably going to be needed - but don't advertise it as seamless when it obviously isn't.

  10. Duncan Hothersall

    That folding screen

    is always demoed attached to its controlled opening/closing machinery. Presumably they haven't found a way yet to make the hinge strong enough to deal with even gentle demo by hand. That has to be one of the bigger challenges of that tech, so it will be interesting to see the form factor of the first products using it - could be more chunky than you would want.

    Cool though - and so is the see-through screen not requiring a backlight - neat.

  11. Tom

    I'm interested getting hold of the Samsung promo material. Because I'd like to learn yoga. Yes.

    Learn yoga.

  12. Harry
    Thumb Down

    Where's the text?

    We come here to see readable information, not to watch a TV substitute.

  13. Law

    RE: (untitled)

    Bah humbug.... change your employer, or get an iPhone/G1/Symbian/WinMobile phone with a data contract and youtube app, then you can get it at youtube direct...... some of the geeks on here love to see this crap - just cos you can't doesn't mean we shouldn't, we can't all spend hours imagining how these things look reading 10 pages of "real journalism'", busy lives coding and drinking coffee don't you know! :)

  14. J


    That's one @&!~%*@#^ huge phone! Not an iPhone killer, then.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Woho!!! GAMES!!!

    real 3d scenarios here we come?

    putting in the coordinates of walls, obstacles and such and letting 3d people walk around.. we could perhaps even shoot at them?

  16. Anonymous Coward


    "Touch phones where you touch the back of the screen, makes it very easy to hit the exact spot you want, even with sausage fingers"

    There' s an opportunity to file a patent... whoops, it's in the public domain now :(

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