back to article Nokia N97 touchscreen webphone demo'd

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  1. Mike Peachey
    Thumb Down

    "Full" QWERTY keyboard?

    I think not!

    We're going to have to start implementing advertising standards rules on just what counts as a "full" qwerty keyboard.

    As far as I am concerned, if there's no "\", no "|" and no "PgUp"/"PgDown" it's nowhere near "full". I can live without PgUp, but unless there's a simple "/" and "\", it's worthless.

  2. Bill Fresher


    It's huge!! and looks like it weighs about half a kilo.

  3. Dan White
    Thumb Down


    Could have been an interesting video, but I found myself irritated by the number of times the presenter stopped to say, "Ahhh", "Ummm" etc...

    Phone looks nice though :-)

  4. Geeks and Lies

    32MB on board storage for *&^%'s sake!

    Dear Mr Nokia,

    You are a dumb ass.



  5. Scott K
    Black Helicopters

    After watching that

    I'm glad I didn't wait for it to come out, slow and unresponsive is the nokia way by the looks of the videos I have seen of it. Ditched Nokia after a N95. Now rocking a HTC Touch HD on winmo, much better phone.

  6. Niall S

    Er, GeeksAnd Lies...

    Not had a chance to check the video yet, but it has 32GB on board - and a slot to add another 16GB.

  7. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Down


    Pointless, slow, cluttered, glossy N-series device. How come those N-devices all have the aura of expensive plastic toys when the E-series developed next door is so nice and smooth, and why can't we have the "entertainment" qualities of the N-series in E-quality devices?

  8. Daniel Silver badge

    I'm with Dan White

    Irritated the hell out of me too. Umm...

    Also there seems to be one HELL of a wall between Nokia's techs (who really know stuff) and their marketing droids (who quite frankly don't). 32MB onboard storage apparently - the Nineties just called, they want their phone back.

    Of course he means 32GB (I really, really hope) but what were Nokia thinking letting this genius get anywhere near their route to market?

    Smiley because I'm still laughing after watching that.

  9. Antidisestablishmentarianist

    Good luck with that Nokia

    You'll need it.

  10. telecine
    Thumb Down

    Oh dear!

    I'll stick with the iPhone.... Nokia are offering nothing new.. Back to the drawing board for you lads!

  11. Emo

    LED Flash

    So still shit in the dark then?

  12. Ascylto

    Stitch that ...

    "Stitch that, iPhone"


    The Nokia's not even out yet and the iPhone has been out for two years.

    Nokia, as with the other mobile manufacturers, is playing catchup. The iPhone remains the standard the others are aiming for and your sad 'journos' have to keen repeating the 'iPhone killer' type mantra.

    I'm all for the competitors trying to out-do the iPhone but Apple will probably keep their offering ahead of the game.

  13. Nicholas Wright


    One of the reasons I dumped my XDA IIs was just the size of it, and also the fact that typing SMSs on it was a pain in the rectum. Even using the stylus didn't make it as usable as a normal phone.

    So, seeing a qwerty keyboard on the N97 should be good... but the blinking size of it!

    People'll be thinking I dress both to the left and the right.


  14. Mike


    For all the people complaining about the size of the thing: For some reason this video really exaggerates it. I've seen other pics with side-by-side comparisons with the iPhone and the N97 is smaller.

    The UI looks better at least than the current S60 UI (in both touch and no-touch variants) but it clearly could use a lot of polish, particularly in the area of transitions. Instant visual feedback for all touch actions is key.

    I was actually much more impressed by this phone before I say the Pre demo....

  15. Damir Colak
    Thumb Down

    Unresponsive UI

    Whoa, that is one unresponsive UI...

    Hitting the video name three times just to start it... WTF?!

  16. Daniel B.

    Huge-ass phone?

    Really ... if you're trying to go for the "iPhone killer", size doesn't matter. The iPhone *itself* is a huge-ass phone! I mean, the damn thing is larger than my Blackberry 8300, and I still think my Curve is big!

    If anything, I prefer clamshell phones. However, now that I've been sold on the Blackberries, I think I'll have to wait until a QWERTY clamshell model comes out...

  17. Anonymous Coward


    32MB + 16GB = 48GB ???

    srfvwrtgvwdefvsduygvcsdgjvcwdeuygvf makes about as much friggin sense!!!

  18. Chris

    He said meg

    He meant gig. It's a mistake you twats.

  19. Bill
    Thumb Down

    I like it...

    but, they need to refine the GUI some more. As it is, it's like they've just migrated the old "point and click" paradigm to a touch interface. In other words, it's a bolt-on.

    While this is fine, for now, other manufacturers have already surpassed this with multi-touch gesturing - Apple, HTC and Palm come to mind. And, if Nokia really wants to be a leader, then they'll need to either get on board with this new paradigm, and refine it. Or, invent sometime else that surpasses it. I'd personally like to see them do the latter.

    What I'd really like to see is something that moves beyond touch screen altogether. Instead of actually having to touch the screen - messy, in my opinion - why not enable users to just gesture above it? Perhaps an under screen camera and proximity sensors could accomplish this.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    Nokia's entry in the "iPhone killer" catagory is...


    N95/96 lovers, whatever....

  21. OS


    Step 1) Take kick ass existing product

    Step 2) Fuck it up

    Step 3) ???

    Step 4) Profit

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