back to article Asus demos touchscreen Eee

Asus has treated CES attendees to a preview of its upcoming touchscreen Eee PC. Eee_T91_01 Asus' touchscreen Eee T91 The T91’s screen measures 8.9in and can swivel to turn the machine into a tablet PC. It weighs in at roughly 2lbs, but is only 1in thick. Many of the machine’s specifications have been kept secret for the …


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  1. jmccoy


    I may be interested in something like that to replace my Wind when the time comes, if the price point is right.

  2. Graeme McKeague

    Yep - Killer Feature!

    that what i have been waiting for! mite hold off my spend on a ssd for my laptop and get one of those :) - ah but does it run win 7 for the touchscreen features?

  3. Bruno Girin
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    I want one!

    But more importantly, what OS will it ship with and what type of mass storage will it have? If it ships with Linux and a 10Gb or bigger SSD, I definitely want one!

  4. Karl
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    I seem to recall some people doing mods to get this kind of functionality. My eee being a work machine couldn't do it but i'd be dang interested in this. Its the the one thing i've always wanted from my eee

  5. mr_jetlag
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    Congratulations, it's 2004.

    Hmm, small form factor, touchscreen, and a low cost processor? I had one of these 5 years ago... only it was called the FlyBook, cost £1800 and had a GSM SIM card slot you could use for data as well.

    Granted the Transmeta chip was an absolute dog (hot, noisy and slow) but the only thing this has going for it is the Eee's sub-£200 price... oh, wait.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    GSM/3G functionality?

    The big question is:

    Will the EEE T91 phone home?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    *rolls eyes*

    There's always one person who misses the point.

  8. Richard

    Judging by recent Asus prices this one will be too expensive.

    Looking at the extras you can do to yourself then anything more than £275 and its too much. Acer have the upper hand on pricing at the moment so unless Asus undercut them then I expect to see Acer do this to their Aspire One (which makes a great Hackintosh by the way 8-)

  9. Another Anonymous Coward

    Usable with stylus?

    As a graphics professional, I would love something small and lightweight that I can draw on. Hope the thing doesn't rely on skin contact to get anything done, and won't scratch with a stylus.

    Paper and pencil is a decent bit of hardware (very high resolution) but it won't let me zoom in unless I use a magnifying glass, and working with multiple layers can be difficult as the 10 sheets of tracing paper on top have the annoying effect of applying a white-tinted gaussian blur to anything underneath.

    Anyway, I digress.. there's a good market out there for something that is portable and can be drawn on. Previous tablet PCs have been either too expensive (better off buying a wacom cintiq) or not very good at accepting fine pen input. Or both, even.

  10. David Wilkinson

    I want one ...

    What I really want is a cheap 6=8" ipod touch to surf the web (will a full featured browser) and read ebooks, and email and internet on the go ... that is never going to happen.

    But I will settle for an Asus tablet netbook as long as the price is right.

  11. nobby

    finally, i can replace my psion 5

    Ah. bliss.

    When I got my first laptop, I was so used to using my psion 5 (the glory days eh?) that I left finger prints all over the screen from trying to move windows and failing to press "ok" buttons...

    As soon as one of these lands i'm gonna buy one. Tablet my arse - just need something to fill that psion-5-shaped hole!

    My psion would follow me everywhere. I used to write fiction whilst sat in the pub waiting for the missus to finish work. Was rather funny that the modem i had was twice as big as the psion itself. Well, to some people.

    Finally the design curve has come full circle, sod those big hulking laptops that pretend they're useful, just gimme the ability to a bit of email and to was my lyrical buds over some more science-fiction/fantrasy stories about rabbits whenever i'm stuck somewhere for half an hour.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In before

    In before this costs more than £500 and has no linux option.

  13. mr_jetlag


    Don't get me wrong, I have had the 701 with an upgraded SSD for over a year now. I love it. However Asus has been sorely testing my patience by slapping the Eee moniker on everything that moves, without improving the build quality or the value much. The 701 was really a huge step forward but since then...?

  14. Jerome

    Worth waiting for?

    Looks remarkably similar to the vapourware Gigabyte M912. I spent half of last year waiting for that damn thing to materialise, before finally giving in and buying an Acer Aspire One.

    If this thing actually appears any time soon, isn't too much more expensive than other netbooks, and features built-in 3G, this is my next machine for sure.

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